The PR Maven | An Interview with Vilte Co. Founder Vilte Holstad

Paris, PR, & Paving Your Own Way with VilteCo. Founder Vilte S. Holstad

In this episode of Toast Meets Jam I caught up with Vilte S. Holstad, the founder behind the PR creative VilteCo. Our brunch of choice was Sunny Spot, a favorite of ours here in Venice. As we dug into our delish dishes, she took me on her journey from moving to Paris to founding her own PR company.
After graduating from college with a degree in design, Vilte began working in various PR roles both with small and large brands. Her desire to expand into other aspects of the industry drew her to Paris where she worked with a French designer and covered Paris Fashion Week.Upon Vilte’s return to the states, it didn’t take long for her to realize she was ready to step out on her own. It was then that the idea for VilteCo. first came to life.


VilteCo. is a boutique PR creative with a focus on traditional outreach, social media management, and blogger placement. Though open to companies of all sizes, the creative is especially drawn to working with startups in the LA area.
To learn more about Vilte and her PR creative make sure to check her out at


Catch Vilte behind the scenes by following her on Twitter @vilteco


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