The Celeb Chef | An Interview with Pace Webb, Chef & Founder of Taste of Pace

I was first introduced to Pace Webb just over one year ago. Since that time, I’ve known that she would make a rockstar interview guest. Lucky for me, when I tossed the idea her way, she was more than on board.

Pace is the chef and founder of Taste of Pace, a Los Angeles based catering company that focuses its menus around fresh, seasonal ingredients. When she’s not in the kitchen, this natural entertainer finds her self in front of the camera and behind the mic. She shares her passion for food as a lifestyle expert for many well known brands and media outlets like Yahoo Shine and on her radio show TOP Talk.

For our interview, I wanted to introduce Pace to my favorite spot on the block Gjusta. If you’re an Angeleno then chances are you’ve at least heard of, if not yet dined at, the acclaimed Gjelina restaurant located on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Gusta comes from the same owners and serves similar style fair in a more casual bakery/cafe environment. You can find everything your stomach desires here from fresh baked breads to house-made sauces to gourmet sandwiches and salads. Oh yeah, there’s a fancy barista bar inside too. Seating is limited to benches and overturned milk cartons in the rear of the building so we opted to take our food to go. Whether you dine in or take out you must find a reason to come try their baklava croissants – you won’t be disappointed!

While we indulged our sugar cravings, Pace filled me in on the founding of her company, how she grew her career both inside and outside of the kitchen, and her advice for other aspiring chef-preneurs. Definitely an interview not to be missed!

More About Pace

taste-of-pacePace’s journey to start her own lifestyle food brand and catering company started at the age of 17 when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. She took this experience as an indication that she needed to reevaluate what she put in her body. Studying alternative nutrition gave her the foundation and love for the impact clean food has on the body. After studying abroad in Rome, she became classically trained in Western European cuisine. Now, cancer-free with a fresh lease on life and a passion for traveling, living in over seven cities around the globe, Pace created her company to focus on wellness, new creative food combinations and most importantly, rich joie de vivre!

Pace’s sparkle, and performance-like art for feeding people comes naturally as a fourth-generation entertainer. Her unique view on food and general panache for incredible flavor pairings has caught the eye of major brands such as Yahoo, Jell-O and Acura, hiring her to create recipes and host web series. She pens her own blog, and contributes to various food and lifestyle magazines, including C Magazine, Angeleno, Utterly Engaged and Chalkboard Magazine. Hosting weekly cooking classes in her downtown loft/kitchen allows Pace to give back to her community and inspire a new generation with healthy, simple and fresh local ingredients. Pace currently lives the fabulous life in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District with her dog, Willie Nelson. {Source Taste of Pace}

What is Taste of Pace?

Taste of Pace Catering is a full service catering company based in Los Angeles specializing in Western European Cuisine with international elements utilizing seasonal and local ingredients. The Taste of Pace team is suitable for private parties, corporate events and weddings. You can get a Taste of Pace by attending a Monthly Supper Club hosted in secret locations boasting courses of fresh seasonal food off the cuff. {Source Taste of Pace}

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