The Social Guru | An Interview with Rachael King, Head of Communications, DogVacay

Rachael King is an entrepreneur of a different sort. She is the Head of Communications for the dog sitting startup DogVacay. Though the company is not her own, the journey that lead her there is uniquely hers.

What started as an interest in blogging has turned into a full-blown career that many young women would dream of. She has competed to earn the title of MTV’s first Twitter Jockey, garned fame for her “Pinterest Resume”, been written about by today’s top media, and ultimately landed in her dream job. She is the perfect example of someone who found her passion and relentlessly pursued it.

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More About Rachael

Rachael-KingRachael is the Head of Communications for DogVacay where she is responsible for leading the company’s PR efforts. A typical day might include brainstorming consumer events, booking executive speaking engagements, and building relationships with social media influencers. Before landing her gig at DogVacay, Rachael lead social media at Sidecar, Adobe, and ioStudio.

Rachael’s first experience with content creation came soon after graduating from The University of North Carolina. While working in an entry-level admin position, she used her spare time to build her first blog. As she watched her audience size grow, she quickly realized she was pretty good at the game, and so did others. MTV invited her to be a participant in a contest to be their first Twitter Jockey. Though she didn’t land the gig, it gave her the confidence to pursue social media as a career.

She added to her portfolio by volunteering her talents to local businesses. To keep track of the work she’d done and the accomplishments she’d earned along the way, Rachael decided to create a “Pinterest resume“. To her surprise her personal portfolio became a media sensation, gaining news coverage across popular outlets like Mashable, USA Today, and CNN. The rest as they say, is history.

What is DogVacay?

DogVacay is a website that connects pet owners with sitters willing to take care of their pets while they are away. When you register as a dog sitter you have the flexibility to name your services (in home boarding, walking, grooming, etc…) and your prices. I consider it but for dogs and people because owners have the opportunity to browse individuals’ profiles and select the dog owner they feel is the best match for them and their dog. Before agreeing to sit, you have the chance to do a meet-n-greet with the dog to make sure you’re a good fit. When you do accept a gig, DogVacay is on your side in case of any puppy emergencies by providing you with pet insurance and 24/7 customer support.

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