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Why She's the Toast of the Town

One year ago I found myself suffering from serious FOMO. My Instagram feed was blowing up with pictures of this amazing conference, (yes I just put the words amazing and conference together) and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t known about it. What was this event that had me cursing my luck? Create & Cultivate – a conference designed for female entrepreneurs in the digital space. And the creative genius behind the event, none other than Jaclyn Johnson.

Jaclyn is like the girl boss of girl bosses. She knows what we want – Instagram worthy spaces, inspiring female voices, a way to connect with other girls like us – and has served it up to us in a way we couldn’t have even imaged was possible. And we aren’t the only ones taking notice of this toast of the town. Jaclyn has been named Forbes 30 Under 30, A Woman of Note by the Wall Street Journal and 25 most stylish Angelenos by StyleCaster just for starters.

During this year’s event I made sure my FOMO was no more and made sure I was in attendance at Create & Cultivate’s Los Angeles event. Lucky for me, not only did I get to attend but I also had the chance to interview many of the women entrepreneurs and presenters there including Jaclyn. Check out our interview below for her success story and best advice!

Why She's the Toast of the Town (4)

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