The Travel Host | An Interview with Host & Executive Producer of Rhythm Abroad, Brittany Pierce

Finding Your Rhythm Abroad with Brittany Pierce

In this episode of Toast Meets Jam I caught up with Brittany Pierce, the host and executive producer behind the dance-centric travel series, Rhythm Abroad. We decided to meet at one of my favorite Brentwood spots, Coral Tree Cafe. While we drank in our lattes, Brittany shared the journey she’s been on from her first international trip to becoming the creator of her own travel series on PBS.

After graduating college, Brittany began her career as a reporter for  Channel 4 San Diego. However, it wasn’t long before  she was called to pursue her love for travel. When the opportunity to join another network as a travel host failed to present itself, she took matters into her own hands. Living by her motto to “lead by faith, not by sight” Brittany set out to create a show of her own.

With a strong persistence and a bit of creativity, Brittany has brought her long sought after dream to life. You won’t want to miss what this young millennial entrepreneur has to share about the pursuit of her passion.

To learn more about Brittany and Rhythm Abroad make sure to check  out at or @RhythmAbroad.

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