Mondays Don’t Have to Suck | A Guide to Weekday Activities

Catherine’s guide to weekdays activities and a more socially rewarding work week

weekday activities

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A couple months ago I shared my suggestions on how to craft the perfect weekend, but I am not one to live for the weekends. A couple years into joining the workforce, I came to terms with the fact that living for two days a week was a waste of 5/7 of my 20s (and 30s and 40s). Plus in a car-culture commuter city like L.A., you can go an entire day, week, month without encountering anyone you don’t work with. To compensate for the fact that I have to work for a living (that’s how I buy things…), I make a point of incorporating something to look forward to every day of the week. There are the obvious happy hour and dinner dates or the daily work-out sessions, but there are other ways to have fun without messing with your routine productivity. Here are five of my favorite not-so-obvious choices of weekday activities to break up your work week.

weekday activities

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Mid-week Movie

Whether it’s a planned night in with your girlfriends or a Tuesday night screening with your flavor of the moment, movies are the ultimate escape from any stress you’re facing. Beat the weekend crowds and treat yourself to weekday theater prices.

Lunch Break

Chances are, you work close to some of your friends. Break up your workday blues with a good mid-day laugh. At times, it may make it more difficult to return to your desk, but generally a breath of fresh air (both literally and figuratively) will do wonders on your mentality. Office in the middle of nowhere? Bring a book and take advantage of your legal one-hour break by diving into tantalizing literature or a practical read.


Morning Coffee Date

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am the opposite of a morning person. Despite that fact, I have accepted that mornings are better for productivity. On my commute route, I pass several coffee shops and bakeries and often daydreamed about the lucky individuals who get to sit down and enjoy a cup o’ joe without having to rush to the office. Then I realized, “I can be one of those people… if I wake up an hour earlier.” And I did it. The luxury of not rushing to work is a fantastic way to remind yourself that work is work, and your life is more than your job title.


weekday activities

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Book Club

Or other extracurricular activity. I’m a lover of books, so joining a monthly book club was a no-brainer. Maybe you’ve always wanted to join a league (indoor soccer, bowling, kickball) or take a language class. Find an activity with some consistency that puts one “non-school” project on your calendar at least once a week or once a month.


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Fitness Catch-up

As I mentioned, I’m not an early riser. I find that I push myself harder in evening work-out classes. However, because of this I usually have to choose between working out or meeting a friend for happy hour. Why not marry the two by taking a class together (here are a few of our top choices) then heading somewhere casual for a light dinner? Friends who work out together stay together, and you will probably make a healthier choice (say a glass of wine and a salad versus a sugary cocktail and cheesesticks… though if you work out, your body is better equipped to handle that).


What are your favorite things to do on weekdays?


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