Up Next on Toast Meets Jam – Brittney Castro!

An Interview with Brittney Castro, Founder of Financially Wise Women

Coming up next on Toast Meets Jam… Brittney Castro,  founder of Financially Wise Women.

Have you ever found yourself avoiding your bank account, too afraid of what you might find? Crossed your fingers as you’re swiping your credit card at the end of the month, hoping it won’t be declined? Sometimes does it just seem easier to ignore your money and hope for the best than confront it head on? Trust me, I know that feeling!

Brittney is on a mission to change that. She’s out to help women have a healthy relationship with their money so they can start living the life of their dreams. Through her online Money Class, one-on-one financial planning, YouTube channel, and speaking engagements she aims to make financial fear a thing of the past. With a fun, innovative approach to teaching that’s catered to the professional, entrepreneurial woman, she’s turning finance into as sexy a topic as fashion and beauty.

To give me the low down on the founding of her business, Brittney met me at The Springs LA, where I’d filmed an earlier interview with another awesome female founder. We sipped on horchata and fresh pressed juice while she filled me in on the evolution of her business, her advice for other female founders, and how building a business has lead her to the life of her dreams.

Check out this quick peak into our interview and come back next week for the full reveal!





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