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An Interview with Ann Wang & Jessica Willison, Founders of Enrou

Coming up next on Toast Meets Jam… Ann Wang & Jessica Willison, founders of Enrou.

How much thought do you put into the products that you buy? Do you stop to consider whose hands sewed the shirt you’re wearing? Ever wonder where the fabric in the sheets on your bed came from? Or given a second thought to where the money you’ve handed over for your latest purchase is actually going?

These are questions that Ann Wang & Jessica Willison are hoping they can get you to stop and think about. These two young women are founders of Enrou, an online marketplace for one-of-a-kind, handmade goods that empower developing communities around the world.  By providing a central hub of socially responsible brands, Enrou seeks to generate tangible ways for consumers to leave a positive social and financial impact around the world. 

It’s their mission to help our generation become more conscious consumers. By channeling our everyday purchases into purposeful investments, their goal is to redefine consumerism by making the global market one brimming with opportunity — for all.

To find out more about the building of Enrou, I met Ann and Jess at Cafe Gratitude in Venice. Cafe Grat is a plant-based LA favorite where you can stop in for organic vegan fair along with a side of self reflection. With dishes named after motivational mantras like I am terrific you’re sure to leave full in every sense of the word. First timer tips– make sure to ask your server for the question of the day and leave plenty of room for one of their raw desserts. 

Want to learn how these ladies have grown Enrou from idea to a thriving business in just under a year? Check back to watch our full interview and make sure to subscribe to Toast Meets Jam so you’re sure to catch all the latest episodes.

In the meantime, why not get to know Enrou? You can them here:

Instagram: @enrou_

Facebook: facebook.com/thexxprojectnyc

Twitter: @enrou_





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