Do I really need to do The Brand Plan or can I jump ahead to designing my logo and website?

Consider this, the average professionally made logo will cost between $200 - $5,000 and a custom website can set you back anywhere from $6,000 - $15,000 on average. Without having a strategy for your brand in place before you start design, you run a high risk of wasting both your time and money. While designers might be able to deliver something beautiful without having much to go on, it will be very hard for them to deliver something that specifically brings your vision to life. Investing in your brand strategy in the beginning will ultimately lead to fewer headaches and heartaches while setting you up for long term success. 

Why does it cost this much?

When we’re working together you are our focus. In addition to the time we spend together there is an equal amount of time and effort happening behind the scenes. I want to make sure my clients have the best possible experience. That means building systems and processes to keep us organized and keep you moving closer and closer to your dreams.

How will I use the work we do in The Brand Plan?

Your brand strategy is the foundation for your brand and it will show up in every decision you make. There really is no limit to how you will use it but here are a few practical examples:


Your positioning statement can be used as your social media bio and your website’s home page. Your positioning will also help you establish your pricing and identify your target customers.


Your detailed dossiers will help you figure out what content to create to attract your customers, where to spend time and money on organic and paid social media, and identify partners who already have the audience you want to attract.


Your brand story will live on your website’s about page as well as in your press kit. Your core values will be a critical element to hiring the right people to join your team while your mission statement is what will rally them around your vision.


Your brand’s personality will guide your creative decisions. It will ensure your logo, color, font, and visual choices reflect your vision and grab the attention of those you want to serve.

I already have a brand, does it makes sense to work with you?

Do you feel like the way your brand is currently showing up in the world is setting you up for success? Are you proud of what you’re putting out? Are you attracting the right types of customers? If you answered no to any of these, feel like you need to refresh your brand, or are ready to take it to the next level, then yes, it's time to invest in your brand.

I’m not yet ready to take my  business full time, is that okay?

Absolutely. There are two thing we want you to consider. First, you have to build the business you want to run. Second, no one is going to take your business seriously until you do. We love and respect the side hustle. The work you do in The Brand Strategy will set you up to scale up your business at whatever pace makes sense for you.

Do we have to do our strategy session in one day?

I want to make the best use of your time and ours and find that a single, focused session gets the best energy out of everyone. No distractions, no chance of getting side tracked by travel and other to-dos. That being said, I understand that everyone’s schedule is different and can break the session into 2 if preferred.

Why should I work with you?

When we work together I consider myself an extension of your team. I'm not just here to get the job done. I am so excited you are going after your dreams and want to help you succeed. I love promoting my clients and helping to forge collaborations. If you want to build a relationship that’s deeper than a single day’s work, I'm here for you.

Are there payment plans?

Yes! You will receive a custom proposal and the option to pay in full for a discounted rate or break your investment into three installments.

Can you customize my package?

While the services are packaged\, special requests for additional services and support may be considered. You will have the option to do this while you are going through the proposal process.

Do I need to have a name picked out for my brand before we start The Design Kit?

Ideally yes. However, if you’re still working on nailing it, we can hold creation of your logo until the end. We’re also happy to provide feedback if you’re having trouble deciding between a few ideas.

Why shouldn’t I just make my own logo for free?

Their are solutions available for every budget and we know there are less expensive options than what we charge. We want you to pick whichever one allows you to make moves toward achieving your dreams. For us, that’s the most important thing.  If you do choose to work with us, you’ll be getting so much more than a logo. We root our designs in a deep knowledge of your brand, understanding of your vision, and rock solid strategy that’s going to best set you up for success. You’ll receive a complete branding toolbox and guidelines which you’ll be able to apply toward every aspect of your brand.


Beyond that, when we work together we consider ourselves an extension of your team. We aren’t just here to get the job done. We’re here to help you succeed. We love promoting our clients and helping to forge collaborations. If you want to build a relationship that’s deeper than a single day’s work, we’re here for you.

What if I need a website too?

I can help with that! While I don’t offer website design services in-house, I have amazing partners we are more than happy to refer you to. I also know that it takes a lot of up front work to build a wow-worthy website. That’s why I offer our a 'Website Ready' service that will prepare you to DIY or hire a designer to build your site. You'll have the option to add this service on when you book a service.

What if I already have a brand but want to re-brand?

I can help with that! As part of our vision setting, I’ll want to make sure we get crystal clear on your reason for going through a rebrand and what if any elements of your existing brand you want to hang onto.

Why do you turn some people down?

We’ve been in your shoes and we know that it takes guts to invest in your dreams. When you take that step we want you to be ready. For us branding isn’t just about creating a pretty design. We want you to feel confident in what you’re building and know that can attract your dream clients. When we’ve laid a strong foundation we can confidently build a design that brings to life your vision.

I still have questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

You bet! Schedule a free 15 minute consulation to tell me about your business and I'll help you decide which next steps are best for you.

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