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“No one seems to remember exactly how The Rules got started, but we think they began circa 1917 with Melanie’s grandmother, who made men wait nervously in her parents’ parlor in a small suburb of Michigan. Back then, they called it ‘playing hard to get.’ Whatever you call it, she had more marriage proposals than shoes. When Melanie got married in 1981, she freely offered this old-fashioned advice to her single college friends and coworkers like us. When you follow The Rules you learn how to be a ‘creature unlike any other’—confident, radiant, happy.”

In The Rules: Time-tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right, Ellen Fein and Sherries Schneider break down their dating philosophies on how any woman can capture the heart of the man she desires. The Rules, while not new, have survived and been passed down for several decades from one generation to the next through grandmothers, mothers, and trusted friends. The Rules may make you uncomfortable or seem old-fashioned seemingly defying everything we stand for as modern women. But the real question is do they work? As crazy as the advice may seem, is it worth taking?

Join The Single Diaries’ second book conversation as we discuss The Rules and how today’s Single Girls can apply or defy them. Pick up a copy and read by December 10th to send in questions: in the comments section of this post, via Twitter tagging @SingleDiariesXO and #SingleGirlTheRules, or via email

We will post our discussion on December 20th, so don’t forget to come back to continue the conversation. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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