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Jen shares her favorite summer travel beauty and hair product picks



As a rule of thumb I never pack more than a carry-on when I travel. I learned this practice the hard way during my study- abroad trip in college. Back then, I opted to go for the largest suitcase I could find and to pack it until the zippers were ready to bust. Needless to say, rolling that monstrosity through the train stations of Europe was less than enjoyable.

Since, I’ve learned to be a much smarter traveler and have migrated my packing practices towards the simpler side. In doing so, I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade on packing tight and light. The most obvious of the tricks–sticking to travel sizes of my favorite products.

Another trick I’ve learned is to minimize my packing list down to the essentials. For me, this means deciding  on a few go-to  hair and makeup looks that will carry me through my trip and packing only my must-have products. During these hotter months, I like to keep my makeup light and rely on the right primers and products to keep everything from melting off from the sun’s heat and ensuing sweat. When it comes to my hair, I’ve learned that it’s better to work with rather than against my natural wavy texture. Instead of fighting to keep my strands straight, I use products to keep my frizz in tact and to pump up the curls.

In exactly one month I’ll be jet setting back to Europe for my summer holiday. This time, the roller suitcase stays behind in favor of my overhead bin friendly carry-on. Inside, you’ll find my makeup bag packed with these favorite summer travel beauty essentials:

This light scent is perfect for freshening up on the go.

L Oréal Paris sun care
Love this  ‘no-sunscreen-smell’ solution for warding off sunburn.

Kate Spade toiletry kit
I adore this cute tropics-inspired print keeps products stashed and styled.

Beauty product
A life-long love of mine. I’ve never found a moisturizer I like more.

Bumble and Bumble styling product
When in Rome…I embrace  beachy waves with this fantastic surf spray.

Goody hair accessory
My must-haves for creating easy breezy beachy up-dos.

Stila cheek bronzer
A great bronzer that sets your makeup while adding a healthy glow.

Too Faced Cosmetics brow kit
When keeping makeup to a min, I like to make sure my eyebrows are perfection.

Too Faced Cosmetics oil free tinted moisturizer
In lieu of heavy foundations, I like to stick to a lightweight BB creme.

Smashbox makeup primer
My secret weapon for helping my makeup to last all day.

Stila eye shadow
In the summer, I like to stick with a neutral eye that feels easy and effortless.

Tarte blush
This cream blush adds the perfect pop of color to cheeks and doubles as a lip sheen.

Maybelline black eye makeup
For stand-out waterproof lashes this drugstore steal is my go-to. 

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup
There’s little I love more than sporting a bright pink lip esp. on vaca!

Sephora Collection makeup primer
Another secret weapon for keeping eye shadow in place even under the hot sun.

What’s inside your travel beauty bag? Share with us in the comments below or tweet us @SingleDiariesXO!


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