What is Toast Meets Jam?

Toast Meets Jam is an interview series featuring the start-up stories of millennial, female founders. Over brunch at their favorite spots, guests share honest tell-alls about their entrepreneurial journeys. While we think their work is super fab, Toast Meets Jam is not about getting to know the businesses they’ve started but about the women who have started them. With each interview we get to the heart of what it really takes to be a female founder while having a little fun along the way.

In a nutshell, Toast Meets Jam was created to inspire more women to pursue their passions and to help them pave their own ways by giving them strong female role models to follow. 

Who’s Behind Toast Meets Jam? 

Jen4x6Originally from Cincinnati, OH in 2011 Jen relocated to the heart of ‘Silicon Beach’--Venice, CA. She soon found that her circle of friends was comprised heavily of young entrepreneurs. Inspired by their ventures, Jen found the courage to leave her comfy corporate jobs in pursuit of her own passions. In 2013 she launched her first blog, The Single Diaries, a site aimed at inspiring and empowering millennial women. On the site she began sharing video interviews with the female founders she called friends. Toast Meets Jam was created as a way to share those stories with other aspiring women to give them the courage to follow their dreams.


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