Barre to Brunch, Happy Baby to Happy Hour

Colleen Viana shows us how to go from Work Out to Work It with 4 easily adaptable outfits

One of the biggest dilemmas is whether to work out or to hang out with friends. The answer is: you can do both… with a little creativity. With all the on-the-go beauty products out there to help freshen you up in minutes (dry shampoo, baby wipes, blotting papers), you can go from studio to hotspot-ready quickly. Throw your touch-up products in your gym bag, find inspiration in these fun outfits, and you’re good to go.

happy baby to happy hour

Practicing your hand stand does not necessarily go hand-in-hand with practicing your keg stand (or at all for that matter). But on days when you’re double booked with happy hour with colleagues and a much needed meditation, here is a go-to outfit that is easy to change into after your savasana. All you need is a statement sports bra that can double up as a crop top. After freshening up, slip on this skater skirt and a pair of your favorite heels (hell, you can even wear converses–you just worked out so do whatever you want, girl). Top off the look with a bold necklace and a leather jacket, then hit the road for some libations.

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barre to bar

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ barre/Pilates class? I love it just as much as a whiskey ginger ale, so get the best of both worlds in one a night and hit the bar(re)’s with your best gal/guy pals. Try an outfit that requires the least amount of effort possible so you’re in and out of the studio quickly (you do want those thirsty Thursday specials, right?). Keep the yoga pants on and switch out your cropped top for a sleeveless blouse. You just worked your arms like crazy and want to show them off after all. Complement it with a contrasting vest and add an accessory or two for some extra bling. Now we all know what barre workouts do to your legs—they KILL them, but in the best way possible. If your legs can’t handle a platform shoe, you can stay edgy and comfortable by sticking to your favorite wedged sneakers.

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backpacking to brunching

There’s nothing like chasing an intense hike with a well-deserved brunch. Take your hiking buddies to your favorite breakfast spot and indulge in mimosas and French toast after chowing down on trail mix. You’re most likely hitting the mountains on a warm day, so be sure to bring some products to freshen up before drowning in pitchers of rum punch (not sweat). For the easiest outfit change, throw on a simple dress over your statement sports bra, and add a layered necklace to liven it up. Sandals are the best way to air out your tired feet, so slip on a pair and you’re ready to hit the road.

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gym bags to shopping bags

When we have an endless surplus of errands to run but also want to squeeze in a run on the treadmill, here’s a quick change that can get you everywhere in one afternoon. Your post-gym look should be simple, yet show off your sense of style. Leggings that have a stylish flair of their own are perfect for the occasion. Swap out your workout top with a free flowing tunic, and top it off with a comfortable denim jacket. Depending on where you’re headed or how much you’ll be on your feet, choose your footwear wisely. If you’re taking your run directly to the streets afterward, stick to your tennis shoes. If you’re not in a rush and want to meet friends, go for some flats. Wear a backpack that can double up as your gym bag and purse—time is money. And on that note, don’t forget your watch!

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Colleen Viana is the Social Media Manager at Avant-Barre and holds a Master’s Degree in Media Studies from the New School. See more of her work on The Single Diaries.

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