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 Caroline Kahle Gives a Single Girl’s View on the City of Brotherly Love 

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Philadelphia may be known as the “City of Brotherly Love” but luckily The Single Diaries  has Caroline Kahle to fill us in on the city’s feminine side. This fashion designer, with a keen eye for unique finds and personal touches, has scouted Philadelphia for the best it has to offer a Single Girl. She shares with us her favorite local spots, a perfect day in the city, and what makes Philly a great place to live. Consider this historical city a must-visit destination for your next girls’ getaway.
Philadelphia didn’t get its nickname the “City of Brotherly Love” for nothing. It’s great for a Single Girl because everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other!
J: How did you end up living in Philly?

C: My career in fashion design is what led me to Philadelphia. I was very fortunate to have a college curriculum that required professional working experience. I completed two internships with a retail company in Philadelphia, which ultimately led me to my full-time job upon graduation. I fell in love with the city while I was living here for six months, so I was ecstatic to make Philly my permanent address.

J: What has surprised you most about living there?

C: The cost of living surprised me most about living in Philly. Compared to Chicago, New York City, Boston, etc., rent, travel and restaurants in Philadelphia are relatively less expensive. This city is composed of many different neighborhoods, all of which have their own personality and demand of living. After living in four of the many boroughs, my rent overall has been very reasonable for the quality and amount of living space.

J: I wish I could say the same about LA! What are your favorite things about Philly?

C: My favorite thing about Philadelphia is that it is centrally located on the east coast. Other large cities such as Baltimore, Washington, D.C., NYC, and Pittsburgh are all under four hours away. Some of my closest friends live in New York City and Washington, D.C. Whenever I feel the need for a weekend of some genuine time with my girls, I just hop on the affordable and convenient Bolt Bus and arrive in about 2-3 hours; it’s amazing! I also love that the city offers many BYOB (bring your own booze) restaurants. Bring a bottle of wine or 6-pack of beer for a budget friendly meal!

J: You really can’t beat being able to see great girlfriends so easily. If you have girlfriends coming to visit. Where do you take them?

C: First, we would visit one of Philadelphia’s amazing art museums. The Barnes and The Philadelphia Museum of Art are incredible! In the afternoon, we would walk around center city, browse the shops on Walnut Street and sit in Rittenhouse Park sipping coffee. For dinner, we would take a bottle of wine and go to one of my favorite BYOB restaurants Dimitri’s, then head out into the city for a fun night of bar hopping. Late the next morning, we would be sure to stop by Sabrina’s Cafe for brunch, if the wait isn’t too long.

J: Sounds like you definitely know your way around the city. Any secret spots you can clue us in to?

C: The Franklin Fountain in Old City is a secret gem. This old ice cream parlor, with an ambiance of the early 1900s, serves the most delicious milkshakes, ice cream concoctions, and baked goods. My fiancé and I love to split the Stock Market Crunch (ROCKY ROAD ice cream coated in thick peanut butter sauce and paved with crumbled salt pretzels). Delicious!

J: Omg I think I must be drooling. When you’re not with the fiancé where do you head for a girls’ night out?

C: Philadelphia has so many great places for girls’ night out. The different neighborhoods offer a variety of options. In Center City, Time is a great spot. It offers a jazz band in one room, a sports bar in another room, and an upstairs bar with a full on dance party and DJ. McGillian’s is another all time favorite. It’s the oldest bar in Philly with cheap beer and good jukebox. To experience a more alternative crowd, the Northern Liberties/Fishtown neighborhood is always fun. Frankford Hall is a great place to drink German beer, play ping-pong, and sit by an outdoor fire.

J:  Philly is known as the “City of Brotherly Love”. What makes the city appealing for a Single Girl*? (*definition = young, ambitious, go-getter girl)

C: Philadelphia didn’t get its nickname for nothing. What makes this city appealing for a Single Girl is that everyone is so friendly and willing to help each other. As a young professional, this city is great for networking. People are vastly connected and are eager to help a sister out!

J: Any tips you can offer for other Single Girls in the city?

C: An important tip for a Single Girl in Philly would be to discover and explore who you are. Spend time experiencing the city and all it has to offer. Get involved in a neighborhood running club, or take an art class at a local studio. Volunteer at an animal shelter or tour all the American historical sites. Philadelphia is a diverse city that is waiting to be discovered by Single Girls.

J: What advice would you offer to other girls looking to move to the city?

C: Definitely drive a car if possible. Philly’s public transportation does not have the greatest reputation. The subway is not very clean, nor does it have convenient stops. The bus isn’t too bad, but takes forever to get through all the streets. So even though parking in the city can be tough and annoying most of the time, personally, driving a car is worth it.


3 words I’d use to describe Philly: artistic, historic, delightful
Best place to get a cheap mani/pedi: Heritage Nails: 2000 Hamilton St #108, Philadelphia, PA 19130 (Once when I was there, I received a $10 gift card and homemade dumplings for no reason!)
I absolutely can’t resist eating: Thai drunken noodles at Trio
When I’m hunting down a good sale I head straight to: vintage shops on 3rd Street
You know you’re a true Philly girl when: soft pretzels become addicting


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