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12 Essential Pieces of Travel Gear for Perfect Packing

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Planning to jet set for the long weekend ahead of us? There are countless sources available with tips on how to perfect the art of packing. We believe however, that great packing begins with great travel gear. Having the right equipment can eliminate much of the hassle that comes with travel and prepare you for an awesome trip. 

Read on for 12 pieces of travel gear we think are essential to add to your arsenal of summer tools and what to look for out of each.

1. Carry-On Size Suitcase

travel gear

Even for quick trips, I’d recommend avoiding use of a duffel bag as your primary piece of luggage. You never know how far you’ll need to haul your bag around so it’s best to choose a rolling case with a pullout handle and  wheels for optimal handling. While you want your case to be sturdy, remember that durability shouldn’t equal heft. Pick a lightweight build for maximum manageability. Another feature you’ll want to look for is storage space. Check for pockets on the bag’s exterior as well as  lining the interior. These extra compartments help to maximize space and add organization.

2. Travel Tote

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While your suitcase will get left once you arrive at your destination, your travel tote will serve as your right-hand companion throughout your trip. When you’re picking one out, look for wide sturdy straps that can support the weight of a full bag without breaking or digging painfully into your shoulders. You’ll also want to check for grommets or “purse feet” at the bottom of a bag. These will keep it slightly lifted from the floor and extend its longevity and cleanliness. While you can get away with a fun color or pattern for summer, you could also spice up a neutral colored bag with a bright scarf tied around the handle.

3. Clutch

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For nights out you’ll want to ditch the tote in favor of a cute clutch that holds only the necessities. Select one that is small enough to fit inside your tote bag but large enough to stash your phone, cash, and a lip gloss. Go for a pop of color that can spice up any outfit (bonus points if it coordinates with your tote bag).

4. Makeup Bag


travel gear

Leak proof and washable are two critical elements to look for in a travel makeup bag. Spills are bound to happen and you want a bag that will protect them from reaching your clothing. Also you’ll want to consider how it is going to fit inside of your suitcase and choose your size/shape accordingly.

5. TSA Bag

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If you’re planning to hop on a flight for your weekend get away you should be familiar with the TSA golden rule– 3:1:1. Basically, the TSA requires that you limit all liquids to 3 fl. Oz contained inside of 1 quart clear bag and that you are only allotted 1 bag per person. A simple Ziploc bag will work fine for keeping your travel sizes contained but if you want to stow your products in something more stylish make sure it meets these requirements.

6. Jewelry Roll

travel gearTossing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings into an open bag is a sure way to end up with a mess. Store your jewelry in one of these to protect it and keep it tangle-free.

7. Laundry Bag


travel gear

Separate worn garments from the clean clothes in your suitcase with a basic laundry bag. These also are great for keeping wet bathing suits and towels away from the rest of the dry items in your bag. A drawstring or snap closure is a key feature to look for.

8. Shoe Bag

travel gear

Dirt and foot odor can be kept away from clothes with a simple shoe bag. Stock up on one for each pair of shoes you plan to pack.

9. Tech Grid

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This tool keeps your loose accessories like your phone, ear buds, and pens, organized in one handy place. Slip it inside your tote for easy access to all of your essentials en route.

10. Umbrella

travel gear
While we may wish for perfect weather, the odds are not always in our favor. Plan for the worst case scenario (torrential downpours) and protect your perfectly tamed main from the rain with a micro-size umbrella that fits easily inside of your tote bag. Look for one with an outer cover that can be placed over your umbrella when wet.
11. Water Bottle

travel gear
Fun in the sun mixed with boozy beverages is a recipe for dehydration. Make sure you take care of yourself by sipping on water throughout the day. A flat and foldable water bottle or one with a built-in filter makes for easy refilling on the go.
12.Food Containers

travel gear
Though there’s a good chance you’ll be indulging in some  yummy grill out food this weekend, bringing your own snacks is a great way to help maintain your healthy diet at least to some extent.  Stackable, collapsible, containers make it easy to bring food onboard your flight, inside the glovebox or tucked inside your tote.

 What travel gear makes your must-have list? Tell us about your favorite pieces below or tweet us @SingleDiariesXO.

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