Start Your New Year with a Smile

Single Girl Obsessions to Get Your New Year Started on the Right Foot

New Year


The New Year begins with so many good intentions. We feel optimistic about our futures. Prepared to take on the world. If winter has us down, the New Year surely lifts our spirits high and makes our futures seem brighter than ever.

I’ve heard many times from different people that the way you start a year is the way you’ll end it. If that’s the case, I hope we all start our year off with smiles on our faces and a happiness that sticks with us all year long.

In fact just to make sure this is the case, TSD has rounded up a list of fun finds that are sure to bring you a smile. In no particular order, we bring to you 10 Single Girl Obsessions that keep us beaming.

1. Kate Middelton Reminding Us that Ours Dreams of Growing Up to Be Princesses Aren’t Crazy After All 
kate midelton princess

Via AP Photo Owen Humphreys


2.  Disney Characters, Movies, and Songs that Will Always be Our Favorites No Matter How Old we Get
tinkerbell boy


3. Super-People who are  Our Super Heroes When We Need them Most
 Via AP BrandonDill CherieDiez BrandonDill

Via AP BrandonDill CherieDiez BrandonDill

4. Super Heroes who Reveal Themselves to Be Normal People  We Can Totally Relate To


Jennifer Lawrence Gif1


5. Parents Who Give Us Hope We Can Still Be Really Cool and Fun When We Have Kids
Via cardboardboxoffice

Via cardboardboxoffice





6. Baby Animals in Onsies. OMG right?
puppy in onsie

via imgur.c

baby sloth onsie

via animalplanet


7. Best Friends that Remind Us How Much we Love Our Own BFFs

via Boo@Facebook


via ayasakai_instagram


8. Babies that Remind Us to Appreciate all the Little Gifts Life Brings Us



9. Cute Chubbies that Eradicate Any Guilt We Have Over our Chocolate Obsession



10. And This Little Guy Who’s Smile Can’t Help But Make the Corners of  Our Own Mouths Turn Up
cute animal



Happy New Year!



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