Single Girl’s Guide to Spring Flower Arrangements

Sara Bodle Picks the Best Spring Flower Arrangements for our Homes

Spring Flower Arrangements
What better way to celebrate the season than to fill your home with the bright colors of Spring’s best blossoms. A simple bouquet of fresh flowers can do wonders to brighten a room and lift your mood. It’s one of my favorite tricks for giving my living space an instant and easy boost of good energy.

To find out more about what we should look for when shopping for fresh flowers this season, I turned to our interior design expert and regular  Single Diaries’  contributor Sara Bodle. We already know this girl’s got an eye for decorating on a budget so I knew she’d be the perfect person to turn to for advice on buying the best buds without breaking the bank.

Read on for her top tips for creating the best Spring flower arrangements for your home.

By: Sara Bodle

Hello Single Girls!

This week I have gone out on a special mission to gain more information on simple and affordable flower arrangements.  I love having flowers in my home and with the warm weather in full bloom, nothing is better than bringing the colors of nature inside.

I took a trip to my local Trader Joe’s to get a quick tutorial on creating an easy Spring arrangement that is also budget friendly.  A kind staff member walked me through the beautiful and extremely colorful floral section to give me the down low on the season’s top picks.

>>Seasonal Herbs

The first stop of my tour was the new herb section.  This section is only available during the spring and summer months.  Since the pots are so small, they will easily fit within any size apartment or house.  These plants smell great, taste amazing, and bring a sense of the outdoors inside your home.  Plus, they are extremely cost-effective!

Spring Flower Arrangements
>>Best of the Blooms

Next, my TJ’s flower guru told me that hydrangeas, snapdragons, lavender, and bright gerbera daisies are the current must have flowers.   Their store cannot seem to keep these flowers in stock.  Each of these bundles cost between $3 and $10, making them perfect for mixing and matching.

>>Cacti Companions

Another popular plant this year is the succulent.  Succulents come in a range of shapes and sizes, closely resembling the prickly cactus.  Actually, all cacti are succulents, however, not all succulents are cacti.  The ones I saw at the store did not have thorns.  Succulents look quite modern and are very easy to maintain.  Trader Joe’s displays succulents in individual planters making this flower a perfect desk or bedside companion.

Spring Flower Arrangements

After all of this information, I decided to buy a pre-made bouquet.  My mix includes a large sunflower, roses and gerbera daisies.  As always, do not forget to grab plant food before you check out.  When  available, I also like to grab an extra bag of plant food so that I can clean out the vase water after a few days.  I love to get flowers for myself, but of course, I am on a single girl’s budget.  I bought myself these flowers and a bottle of my favorite Charles Shaw wine (White Zinfandel) all for a whopping $10.50.  Talk about a steal and the perfect pick me up to the workday blues.
>>Pre-Made Bouquets

Spring Flower Arrangements
 Enjoy your hunt and go out and try new flowers next time you are out at the market.



Sara BodleSara Bodle studied interior design at the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. We were sorority sisters and roommates in college where I got to benefit first-hand from her exceptional talents and taste.

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