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Sarah Walsh reveals six fabulous summer wines under $20

PHOTO: Catherine Abalos.

PHOTO: Catherine Abalos.

When you grow up 20 minutes south of wine country, developing an early taste for grapes is expected. With my father as my guide, I learned that wine taste is very personal and something worth discovering for yourself. After lots of trial and error and finally narrowing down what my palette enjoys, I also discovered the thrill of finding the perfect budget wine. Good wine isn’t necessarily expensive, and inexpensive wine isn’t necessarily bad.

I’ve compiled a list of very budget-friendly and summer-ready white and rosé wines for you. Everything here is delicious, perfect for parties and gifts, or a solo night in. Best of all, none of the bottles is over $20!


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Famega White Vinho Verde, $8.99

This bottle is great for ALL wine drinkers, but especially if you’re just foraying into the great wide world of white wines. Famega is a Portuguese wine that is crisp, light, almost effervescent, and super affordable.

Pair it with: goat cheese, crackers, and a Netflix rom-com!


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Segura Viudas Brut Cava, $9.99

Quick lesson about sparklers: “Champagne” is a term reserved for sparkling wine that is made in the Champagne region of France. “Prosecco” is Italian, “Cava” is Spanish, and so on and so forth. This particular Cava is elegant and versatile, doesn’t break the bank, and doesn’t leave you with that $3 bottle headache. Perfect for special occasions: drink it alone or mixed with orange juice, lemonade, etc.

Pair it with: EVERYTHING! Sparklers truly go with EVERY dish you can imagine. Try it with spicy Thai food or fried chicken (trust me on this)!


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Globerati Sauvignon Blanc, $6.99

Yes, that price is correct! Neither you nor your budget can go wrong with a South American Sauvignon Blanc. And, since this is under $8, you can definitely afford to buy a bottle or two (or three!). It’s very citrusy and perfect for a brunch.

Pair it with: grilled scallops or risotto.



Hurray for Rosé season! Enjoy a chilled glass of one of these great budget bottles on your porch or at your next girl’s night in.


Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs, $19.99

This is on the higher end of the budget, but a great sparkling rosé under $20 is wonderful. Great for celebrating a special occasion, this bottle is very refreshing, with just a slight hint of berry flavor. Perfect for when you want to drink something pink!

Pair it with: a sassy sequin dress and your best girlfriends!


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Sables d’Azur Cotes de Provence, $10.99

Pretty bottle? Check. Fancy French name? Double check! A lot of people seem to think that because a wine is pink, it is going to be cloying and sweet. Not the case with this gorgeous bottle. This rosé is nice and dry, with a slight strawberry aroma.

Pair it with: grilled fish (such as salmon) or veggies like asparagus.


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Les Vignerons de Fontès “Prieuré Saint-Hippolyte” Languedoc Rosé, $10.99

This rosé is ideal to serve with appetizers at a dinner party. It is crisp and very easy to drink, with a lovely raspberry scent. It’s versatile enough to pair with salads or a charcuterie plate.

Pair it with: a light salad, quiche, or cheese plate.


Pour yourself a glass and enjoy!


Sarah Walsh is a hair, makeup and food enthusiast living in New Orleans and loving every second.

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