Saying Goodbye to The Single Diaries

Time to turn the page and start a new chapter


We can’t become what we need to be by remaining who we are. – Oprah

It’s hard to believe we are sharing this post, but this will be our final month of The Single Diaries. This site has been such a huge part of our lives for the past year and a half. Though it’s difficult to imagine a world without it, we have realized that it is time for each of us to take our next steps.

When we started The Single Diaries, Catherine and I set out to create something that would allow us and our readers to better get to know ourselves. We were only a couple of years out of college, living in a new city, working jobs that weren’t right for us, and trying to figure our lives out. We looked at our favorite bloggers and found inspiration in the the direction they had taken. These were young, aspirational women who had chosen to allow their creative passions to guide their lives. Rather than sit back and envy their accomplishments, we decided to follow in their footsteps and start a path for other women like ourselves to follow.

So much has changed since those first conversations sitting in my bedroom talking about starting our first blog. We were nervous about putting ourselves out there and unsure of what we were getting into. While we agonized over those first few posts, overtime sharing on The Singles Diaries grew to feel like second nature. Before long, the site stopped feeling like the strange new world and became the comfortable, familiar thing we could always rely on being there.

As we stepped into stride with The Single Diaries, our lives started to change in every other way. In the past 18 months Catherine and I have both left our jobs, taken mini “life breaks”, made big moves (her back to San Francisco, me with my boyfriend), and started new jobs. While I don’t believe either of us realized it in the moment, looking back now, I can see that starting The Single Diaries was the spark that set everything in motion. We had set out to get to know ourselves and that’s exactly what the past 18 months has been about.

That journey has lead us to where we are today, more aware of who we are, what we want to do our lives, and ready to take the next steps. For Catherine, that step is a move toward building her talents as a career writer. For me, the step means honing in on the part of The Single Diaries I’m most passionate about– our video interviews.

At the end of January, the doors will close on The Single Diaries yet, that doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing the last of us. Catherine and I are each creating new spaces where you’ll be able to continue to follow along with our journeys. Throughout the month we’ll be bringing you more news about what you can expect and where you can find us.

For now, we simply wish to thank you all for all of your support. We’re so grateful for all that our contributors and our readers have brought to the site. We hope that you’ll continue to be a part of the next chapter.

Superbly Single,


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