Secrets for the Perfect Night of Sleep

7 Steps to Take You from Sleep Insomniac to Sleeping Beauty



Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse…. that is unless you are among the 68% of young adults who report having trouble sleeping. Getting the perfect night of sleep isn’t magic but for many of us it does take a bit of planning. For your most restful night of sleep you need to create the best atmosphere for all five of your senses.  From touch to taste, read on for 7 steps that will prep all of your senses  for a great night of sleep.


1. Invest in a Great Mattress

Your mattress is perhaps the most important piece of the equation. It is after all, the place where nearly all of your sleeping time takes place. The right mattress can be quite the investment but in the long-run it will be well worth it. Look for one that has just the right amount of bounce (not too firm or too soft) like this one from Casper. These memory foam mattresses not only conform to the shape of your body but are so pliable they ship in a box for easy moving.

2. Pick the Perfect Pillows

I’ve come to realize that my pillow can make or break my night of sleep. I need 2 fluffy down pillows or I’ll be tossing and turning all night. There’s not necessarily a best type of pillow other than the one that works for you. If the pillow you’re sleeping on just isn’t cutting it, there are a lot of different varieties to try out from memory to gel to buckwheat. There are even special pillows designed for the way you lay like a long slide sleeper.

3. Set the Right Temperature

Sleep experts say that the ideal temperature for sleeping is around 65 degrees. As your body gets ready for sleep your temperature naturally falls. A too hot room can interfere with your natural sleep cycle and keep you awake. We just recently swapped our thermostat for a Nest which lets us program the temperature to drop at bedtime.


4. Block out the Light

Light and dark are your body’s cues to wake and fall asleep. If there is too much light in your room either coming in from the outside or emitted through your electronics you may find that falling asleep is much harder.  A few months ago I started wearing an eye mask to sleep and it has made a world of difference in the quality of my sleep. If your room doesn’t get as dark as you’d like, try an eye mask. It’s a quick fix and a lot cheaper and easier than hanging new curtains.


5. Select Your Scent

The smell of lavender has been shown to put you in a more relaxed state by decreasing your blood pressure and heart rate. One study even showed that individuals who smelled lavender before bed had more deep sleep. As part of your bedtime routine, try lighting a lavender-scented candle to get you into a more restful mood.


6. Sip Some Tea

Another bedtime ritual that I’ve found to really help is sipping on a cup of caffeine free chamomile tea. Chamomile is an herbal depressant that can help bring on drowsiness. A favorite of mine is Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea.


7. Lull Yourself to Sleep

While it might sound counter-intuitive, noise can actually help you fall asleep. The right noise that is. While your sleeping your brain continues to register sounds. If it’s completely silent your more likely to wake to subtle noises. Adding in a soothing background noise will help diffuse sound peaks. I like to use the free iPhone app Sleepmaker to play sounds of rain while I sleep.


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