6 Easy Tricks for an Organized Closet

Sara Bodle Shares Her Top Tips for Getting an Organized Closet

organized closet

Here we go.  The sun is setting later, the snow is melting (hopefully for good) and we are ready to bring out the short shorts and crop tops in celebration of warmer weather.  Before we can get that far, it is time for another big holiday: the annual “spring cleaning” of our closets.  This year let’s make it fun, easy and most of all budget-friendly.  Because come on, we don’t want to spend our money on the closet, but on the goods inside. Read on for 6 of my favorite tips for getting your closet organized.

1. Make Use of Large Clear Ziplock Bags

organized closet

My mother suggested these bags when I moved from my college house to Atlanta for my first big-girl job.  I thought she was nuts at first, but I have to say, mama was right!  The clear bags allow for you to see what you are storing and the handles allow for easy maneuvering and accessibility.   These large bags are great for storing sweaters, pants and other items that you don’t mind getting wrinkled during the warm summer months.


2. Get out the Bins and Boxes

Stack them, rotate them, but most of all, invest in them!  I store my scarves in a large decorative metal bin so that during the warmer months I can easily locate them, but during the winter months, I keep the bin next to my front door for easy access while on the go.  Don’t want to spend a lot of money?  No problem!  You can make your own bins by wrapping fabric, wrapping paper or jute rope around recycled cardboard boxes.


3. Use Many Types of Hangers

organized closet

The right hanger can truly make all the difference.  Looking through my closet, I noticed about six different types of hangers that all serve unique purposes.  I have my standard metal hangers that are for more casual pieces that do not require added structural support (these are the hangers from the dry cleaners).  My large plastic hangers with strap supports house my skimpier tops and tanks.  Wide hangers give my cozy sweaters more support while not stretching out the fabric.  Pant hangers allow the crease of my already ironed pants to not fall out.  Wood hangers house my heavier items, such as a sequin dress, jackets and blazers.   Finally, the most unusual hanger in my closet is for storing scarves and belts.  It is a felt hanger with multiple openings (see below).  Take time to browse your local home goods shops to see the best fit (and best priced) hangers for your personal wardrobe.

4. Display Your Bling on Trays

My favorite way to display jewelry is laid out on a beautiful tray.  Let the jewelry be the art of the closet!  I remember while studying abroad in college, my good friend and fashion designer, Caroline, had all of her watches and jewelry laid out on her desk.  The bling always made dress up so much more fun and easy in her room!  Check out some of my favorite trays above (including my own).

5. Don’t Forget About the Shoes

I felt like I was constantly buying new shoe racks throughout college.   Luckily, I have found a couple loyal brands that have not disappointed after nearly four years!  Check out Target for a few of my favorites.

If you’re feeling artsy, spray paint them to add a little color to your closet—gold perhaps so you can always feel like a diva getting ready for the red carpet.  Don’t have a lot of floor space?  Purchase inexpensive curtain rods and hang your shoes on an open wall.  This option would even look great in the bedroom showcasing your vibrant shoe collection.

6. Grab a Mini Ladder

For all of you shorties out there like me, one of the best gifts from my parents for my first apartment was a stepladder.  Why did I wait until 23 for such a great tool?!  This not only makes my life easier by allowing me to reach my storage bins and bags, but I feel like a true single girl who can do it all on my own (minus my height).  Thanks dad!


Good luck and have fun!

Xoxo Sara

Sara BodleSara Bodle studied interior design at the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati. We were sorority sisters and roommates in college where I got to benefit first-hand from her exceptional talents and taste.

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