Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

10 Costume Ideas and the BEST Secret for Pulling Them Together

Still asking yourself that elusive question, “What should I be for Halloween?”  Though this annual fright fest doesn’t hit our calendars for another 10 days, for many, the parties kick off this weekend. If you’re scrambling to pull together a costume, you probably have a few criteria in mind: fast, cheap, cute, and easy.
Chances are there a few options you’ve considered and ruled out at this point:
  1. Halloween Stores: They have tons of costumes BUT these always seems overused and overpriced
  2. Goodwill: Cheap but not always the cutest of costumes
  3. DIY: This always seems like a good idea until you start then realize it’s going to take 10x as long as you expected.
No need to worry because we’re letting you in on a little secret we’ve discovered. There are only two places you need to look for all of your costume needs: Forever 21 and American Apparel. Between these two stores you can piece together any costume you dream up and, best of all, it will be fast, cheap, cute and easy!
Here are 5 costume ideas from each store with pieces currently on their racks. The only question left to answer is “trick or treat?”

Tic Tac Toe or XOXO
Cute idea for a group!


Must-Have Accessories: none, you’re all set


Get caught looking cute in these pinstriped minis.

jailbird1 jailbird2

Must-Have Accessories: handcuffs


Cat woman takes on a whole new definition.


Must-Have Accessories: cat ear headband and a tail


Bringing overalls back in style.


Must-Have Accessories: bandana, paintbrush, and pail


Paying homage to our favorite Native American Disney Princess


Must-Have Accessories: pigtail braids and a feather


Tooth Fairy
Ignite everyone’s sweet tooth!

toothfairy1 toothfairy2

Must-Have Accessories: wings and a fairy wand


Fancy Fish
There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you’ll be the cutest.

fancyfish1 fancyfish2

Must-Have Accessories: foam fins


Give yourself an excuse to get a little crazy

shedevil1 shedevil2

Must-Have Accessories: pitchfork


Cute and sexy at the same time


Must-Have Accessories:  cotton ball tail


Lightening Bolt
Be the brightest light in the room

ligtheningbolt1 ligtheningbolt2

Must-Have Accessories: LED wire light

Have other Halloween costume ideas? Share them with us and our readers. We’d love to hear what other imaginative ideas you have!

Happy Halloween!

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