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A simple and festive menu for your last-minute Olympics Party

The Olympic Games hold a special place in my heart. One of my favorite childhood memories is of my family and I gathered in our old family room, watching the Games and drinking my mom’s homemade cantaloupe juice. As an adult living on my own, I continue to celebrate the two special weeks when the world comes together to compete. The Spice Girls reunion (and Sir Paul McCartney bringing down the house) will be a tough act to beat, but the Opening Ceremony is always a beautiful start to the Games. You still have a few days to call up your guest list and pick up yummy treats for Friday night. In your 20s, having friends over for wine and popcorn is more than acceptable, but we can all step up our entertaining game (without too much effort!) for the Olympics. Here are a few easy options to make your Opening Ceremony party festive.



Red, White and Blue

Sure, it’s a time for the world to come together but pay homage to our home turf with the traditional red, white and blue. We choose two easy California wine selections (a Ménage à Trois red and a Sauvignon Blanc from The Girls in the Vineyard) and opt to honor this year’s host country with a vodka cocktail. Try this Blueberry cocktail from Smirnoff.

Beers of the World

Around the world in 30 minutes with an assortment of beers. Assign your beer connoisseur friend to choose six varieties, or pick up this selection from World Market.


olympics party

PHOTO: Kristy Makes.

Olympic Popcorn & M&Ms

Your guests will keep reaching for the bowl with this nostalgic treat. An easy way to incorporate the Olympic colors!

Gold Medal Mac & Cheese Balls

There is nothing more exciting to a hostess that doesn’t cook than delicious appetizers that require only a quick pop in the oven. Add international flag picks to make these Trader Joe’s mac & cheese balls gold medal-worthy.

olympics party

PHOTO: Brit + Co.

Greek Spanakopita

Salute the roots by preparing a traditional Greek snack. You can find these delicious spinach pies with ricotta and feta cheese ready-to-heat also at Trader Joe’s.



S’mores over the Olympic flame

Who doesn’t love a well-done s’mores bar? After every country makes their entrance into the stadium, gather ’round your own Olympic flame to welcome the 2014 games into your home.


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