Decorate Your Desk Like Your Favorite Instagrammers

Step Up Your Desk Game with These Instagram-Worthy Office Supplies

Scrolling through The Single Diaries Instagram feed often feels like entering an alternate universe. One, where all things are crafted from the perfect pallet of gold, sequins, and shades of pink. On more than one occasion I’ve found myself asking how to replicate this photo-worthy aesthetic in my own life.

Though I haven’t yet unlocked all the answers of these amateur photographers, one thing I’ve picked up on is their careful curation. These girls surround themselves with beautiful things in small and big ways. In return, they craft themselves beautiful, Instagram-enviable lives.

Since I’m not one to want to be left out of the party, I’ve begun to swap out my own things for versions that make my own life  a little bit more Instagram-worthy, starting with my desk supplies. It’s amazing what these little changes can have not only on improving your feed but also your mood! To help you get started on crafting your own Instagram-worthy style, I’ve rounded up 10 office supplies to decorate your desk in style.

Gold Foil Pencil Set


These polka dot pencils will have you looking forward to writing your to-do list.

Gold Foil Trinket Tray


Every month brings a new print and favorite quote. You’ll wander if you should put anything in it at all or simply admire how cute it looks on your desk.

Ooo Quick! Notepad


Capture all of those important thoughts before they fly away with this super-cute notepad that knows just what’s on your mind.

Gold Anchor Notecards


Whether you’re sending thank you notes or invitations, a girl can always use a great set of stationary by her side.

Abstract Coasters


Putting your coffee cup directly on the table is so average. Make a statement with these fun coasters.

French Pear Candle


Welcome the colder weather  with the subtle scent that gives off just the right hints of  holiday cheer.

Desert Sage Key Fab


Keep your keys handy with one of these bright holders.

Leather and Gold Card Case


Network your heart out with this leather and gold holder, perfect for all those contact cards you collect.

“I Got This” Print


A daily shot of inspiration to keep you motivated day in and day out.

Jilly Cup


Collect your keys, pencils, paper clips, and other tid-bits in this great multi-use cup.
Which of these is your favorite? Comment below to let us know or tweet us @SingleDiariesXO!

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