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Your Guide to Planning a Single Girls’ Boozy Brunch

boozy brunch

Growing up my favorite part about Easter was hands down the all you can eat brunch buffet that was sure to follow the Sunday service.  It was tradition in our family to make our way to a celebratory feast that would break whatever Lenten fast we’d undertaken. It was the greatest meal we’d eat since Christmas and I always anxiously looked forward to it.

Fast forward to 2014 and brunch has been cemented as one of my favorite meals. Our Easter tradition has impressed upon me the notion that brunch is a time to celebrate and indulge in good company and good food. No longer is it reserved for a once a year soiree but instead has taken hold as the fête of choice no matter the celebration.

While the basics of brunch have remained tried and true (eggs, bacon, pancakes, …) there is of course one big difference between the mid-day meals of my youth and my twenties – the booze. If you ask me, no brunch is complete without a steady flow of sparkling cocktails and fruity concoctions.

With one week between us and Easter it’s time to get your own brunch affairs in order. Going out is great but we propose using the occasion as the perfect excuse to host a Single Girls’ boozy brunch of your own. Wondering what it takes to make it memorable? Look no further, we’ve got the tips you need to keep the drinks flowing and the guests happy.

The Set Up

It’s all about presentation. Make it easy for your guest to mix up their drinks by setting all the necessities out on a well-planned table. Fill a large bucket with ice and drop in several bottles of champagne of differing varieties (sweet, dry, rose). Use clear jars  to hold mixers of different sorts. Orange juice is classic but include other options like strawberry lemonade, pineapple, and guava to keep it interesting. Mason jars make great holders for chopped up fruit that make the perfect final touch to a fizzy drink. A hand written menu placed on the table will help guide guests as they mix up their drinks of choice.


The Shake Down

A great way to make your brunch standout is to create a non-traditional signature drink. Orange mimosas are to be expected but your guests will likely be pleasantly surprised by one that uses orange sorbet instead of juice. Mimosa jello shots, peach melba, watermelon, and strawberry crush varieties are also fun varieties we recommend adding to the mix.


The Savors

While the sparkling cocktails take center stage, no brunch is complete without fantastic food. Keep your menu simple and easy to share so that you aren’t a slave to the kitchen while your guests are getting tipsy and having a good time. We recommend churning out a large batch of miniature pancakes before guests arrive. Keep them in the oven covered with foil until it’s time to eat and then serve with syrup and fruit. We like these mimosa pancake stacks and whisky maple syrup recipes that are perfectly suited to the boozy brunch theme. If pancakes aren’t your forte these orange blueberry fruffins (French toast muffins) are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Vases filled with colorful macaroons are another way to indulge guests and add flare to your feast.


The Favors

Leave a lasting impression by sending your guests home with a small gift. It’s a simple way to say “thanks for coming” and will make you stand out as the rock star hostess that you are. You can’t go wrong with a bar of great chocolate wrapped with a personal note. Other cute ideas are to give each girl a nail polish in a champagne inspired shade or to send guests home with a mini bottle of champagne wrapped up with an orange.




If you host a Single Girls brunch we’d love to be included! Share pics with us @SingleDiariesXO on Twitter and Instagram!

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