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Turn to these Websites for Great Ways to Earn Extra Income

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Every now and then we all find ourselves thinking that we could use a little extra padding in our wallets. It could be that you’re scrapping up dollars to make it to all of the bachelorette and wedding festivities your friends have added to your calendar. Maybe you’re saving up to buy that first house. Or perhaps, you’re simply looking to increase the number in your savings account.  If you’re like me you’re just trying to add any income you can because you’ve quit your job and gone the route of rouge entrepreneur (but that’s another story).

Luckily, there are a lot of sources for Single Girls in our situations. Many websites have made it easier than ever to find freelance work and easy side jobs that can help you rake in a significant amount of cash. Next time you find yourself wishing you had a few extra Benjamins, try checking out one of these 6 sites to score yourself some serious cash.

1. DogVacay
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What It Is: DogVacay connects dog owners with dog sitters in their neighborhood. When you register as a dog sitter you have the flexibility to name your services (in home boarding, walking, grooming, etc…) and your prices. I consider it Match.com but for dogs and people because owners have the opportunity to browse individuals’ profiles and select the dog owner they feel is the best match for them and their dog. Before agreeing to sit, you have the chance to do a meet-n-greet with the dog to make sure you’re a good fit. When you do accept a gig, DogVacay is on your side in case of any puppy emergencies by providing you with pet insurance and 24/7 customer support.

Why It’s Great for Single Girls:  A lot of us wish we could get a dog but know that our busy schedules and tight budgets are barriers to making us great pet parents. DogVacay gives you the chance to “rent” a dog giving you the temporary benefits of ownership without the long-term cost and headache.


2. Get Around 
make money

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What It Is: Get Around gives car owners the opportunity to rent out their car when it’s not in use. As a car owner you can choose how and when you want to rent out your car. You also get to set your own rates. There’s no cost to join and Get Around provides $1MM primary insurance protection.

Why It’s Great for Single Girls:  Even if your car sits in the garage more often than it flies down the road, this is an excellent way to get some good use out of those four wheels. Get Around claims that the average owner can earn upwards of $10K a year renting their car. Not a bad deal if you ask me!


3.    Mind My House 

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What It Is: Mind my House connects home owners with home sitters around the world. For a $20 annual fee you can sign up as a house sitter and begin advertising your services. Typical duties of house sitting could include water plants, taking care of pets, checking the mail, and monitoring the security of the house.

Why It’s Great for Single Girls:  Picking up local assignments can be a great way to earn extra income without a great disruption to your normal routine. Housesitting at a distant location on the other hand can be a great way to explore another part of your city, the country, or the world without bearing the burden of a costly hotel.


4.    ODesk 

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What It Is: ODesk is the destination to find freelance work. With over 75 job categories ranging from app development to blogging and everything in between, there’s a good chance you have a skill set that fits somebody’s need. Sign up, select the jobs you are able to offer, set your price, and wait for the job inquiries to roll in. It’s that simple! To increase your earnings, make sure to put some time into your profile by including your education, all relevant experience, and samples of past work.

Why It’s Great for Single Girls: Doing freelance work on the side can help fill out your resume with relevant job experience and customer references.  When you’re just getting started in your career this can be a great way to possibly improve your odds of scoring that coveted dream job of yours.


5.    Task Rabbit

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What It Is: Task Rabbit is the digital destination to find help for your every day duties. To get started you’ll need to register as a Task Rabbit and undergo a mandatory background check. Once approved you’ll be asked to complete a profile about yourself. You’ll have the opportunity to upload a video, link your social media accounts, and write in a description of yourself. The more information you provide the higher the chance you’ll receive assignments. Typical tasks range from picking up dry cleaning to creating Craigslist postings.

Why It’s Great for Single Girls:  If you’ve got some free time to kill this is a great way to pick up small jobs that can supplement your income. For the most efficient earning search for tasks related to errands you already have to do (like grocery shopping) so that you’re not adding another step to your day.


6.    AirBnB

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What It Is: AirBnb lets you rent out your home or apartment to those looking for a place to stay. You can choose to rent out your entire place (say while you’re gone on vacation) or a spare bedroom you might have.  It gives travelers a comfy alternative to a cramped hotel room and gives you the chance to profit off your empty space. It’s free to list your home but make sure to carefully read your lease before doing so as some will not allow you to make use of this service.

Why It’s Great for Single Girls: Let’s face it, rent can be expensive! AirBnb can help you cover the cost by helping you to make money off of your place. Rent for the weekend if you typically spend the night at a boyfriend’s house or for longer if you have summer trips on the calendar.


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