The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business This Year

Eventually it all connects” – Charles Eames


Why do you want to build and grow your business and what are you doing this year to make that happen? In this video I’m sharing the surprising way I answered those two questions.

When I quit my job at the end of 2013,  I was feeling stuck. I was clocking in and out of work on a routine that was keeping me from truly experiencing life. I knew I needed to create a career path that set me free not only to explore new places but also to meet new people and discover new ways of living.

While it might seem obvious from the outside looking in, until I sat down to write my goals for 2016 I hadn’t recognized that this career is what I’d begun to create when I launched this site. I’d seen Toast Meets Jam as a way to inspire other young women to build their lives around what makes them happiest but had failed to see that I was also on the receiving side of that message. The reason for putting the work into building and growing the site is not only to inspire others but also to walk alongside them as I trail blaze my own path.

Since travel has always been the thing that makes me feel most inspired, I knew that it needed to be a part of my annual resolutions. I turned my eyes toward Iceland, a country that had topped my list since reading about it on a favorite travel blog of mine a year ago. With the help of the amazing team at Arctic Adventures, I was able to make that resolution come true this February. 

Watch now to see how that trip became the best thing I’ve done for my business this year.


Music: Of Monsters and Men | Crystals

Trip Sponsor: Arctic Adventures

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