7 Life Changing Attitudes I Learned in Iceland


This February I had the chance to take a trip of a lifetime; a week in Iceland with my best friend. Why Iceland? I wanted to visit somewhere that would inspire me to take on new challenges in 2016. From all that I’d read about this arctic island, it seemed like the perfect place to test the boundaries of my comfort zone.

While my friend and I had bet on an adventure, we could never have imagined what was in store for us when we arrived. From snowmobiling across a glacier to snorkeling in nearly freezing waters, each day we were met with a new and exciting feat. Over dinner each night, we fell into the practice of recapping the lessons our adventures from the day had taught us. In pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones, we inadvertently began to recognize the attitudes we’d adopted to assure a truly rewarding trip.

When our time in Iceland drew to a close, my attention turned to my life back home. I wondered how things might change for the better if I brought those learned attitudes into my regular routine. While I’d challenged myself to a trip that would leave me inspired, I returned with a new ambition; to develop a truly rewarding life by practicing these 7 attitudes.

Watch now to learn what they are!

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