In Defense of Millennials- Featured on GirlTalkHQ!

Why We Should be Proud to Call Ourselves Millennials


This June I attended an event featuring a panel of all female millennial entrepreneurs. It was there that  I was first introduced to Asha Dahya, a pint-sized powerhouse Single Girl. Asha is the founder and editor of GirlTalkHQ, a site dedicated to “female empowerment and inspiration for millennial women”. As she told her incredible journey from Australian TV star to blogger and women’s empowerment expert I knew I there was a future collaboration meant for GTHQ and TSD.

I’m honored to say that Asha agreed. Last week she shared with us a post about the struggle she’s faced in finding her identity and the lessons that its taught her, an inspiring read you’ll definitely want to check out!  Today I’m excited to announce that our post is being featured on GirlTalkHQ.

For awhile I’d thought about writing a post about why I’m proud to be one of the millennials. I’ve met amazing people who make up this generation and are improving the world for the better. Yet, the negative anecdotes about millennials still seem to outweigh the positive ones. In defense of our generation, I’d wanted to rework the most common criticisms we receive and share the version that they translate to in my ears.

Head on over to GirlTalkHQ to see what I have to share!

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