How to Be a Thoughtful Single Girl Pt 2

Bettering the Lives of the People You Encounter Each Day

A few weeks ago we shared our simple tips for staying connected to your friends and family if you’ve made a move away from home.  While it’s important to keep these ties strong, we recognize that being a truly thoughtful single girl goes beyond remembering to send a birthday card or gifting souvenirs back home every few month.  True thoughtfulness is finding ways big and small in each day to let others know you care about them.

We’ve been noticing a slew of articles getting posted recently directing advice to twenty-somethings. Most of this advice stems from the idea that those of us who fall into this category are too self-absorbed to realize what is going on in the world around us. Moreover, we often get criticized for being too self-promoting while lacking a reasonable awareness of what our true value and role is in society. If we’re honest with ourselves, many of these criticisms aren’t too far from the truth.

So what does it take to separate ourselves from the rest of the twenty-somethings who “just don’t get it?”

When we look at the types of women who we admire and aim to replicate, they are those who have found ways to improve the lives of others around them in their day to day life. They are the women who, despite how busy or hectic their lives get, are able to keep from being the center of their own universe.  This is what distinguishes them from those twenty-somethings under harsh criticism.

In an attempt to help each other become more like these women we admire, we’ve drummed up round two of the discussion with 9 more tips on how to be a thoughtful single girl. This time, however, we’re focused on the ideas that help you better the lives of the people you encounter each day.

1. Always Bring a Bottle of Wine:

No matter the occasion, if someone invites you to their home, it is thoughtful to bring them a gift to say “thank you.” The traditional token of appreciation is a simple bottle of wine. You don’t need to go vintage but do offer up something a grade above TJ’s two-buck chuck.  We personally love the Semler collection from Malibu Family Wines here in LA.


2. Feed the Meter:

Nothing ruins your day more than returning to your car only to find that you’ve gotten a parking ticket for a meter that expired just minutes earlier. Help a stranger out by popping that spare change in your purse into an empty meter, and good karma will be on your side.


3. Write Thank You Notes:

Your mom probably told you this growing up, and she was absolutely right. If someone gives you a gift, helps you out, or simply makes your day better in some way, show your appreciation with a thank you card. The small investment of your time to write it will mean a lot to the person on the receiving end. Don’t have a thank you card on hand? Jump online! Sites like June Lily give you access to free cards you can print from home.


4. Clean Up After Yourself: 

Don’t fool yourself into thinking there is a maid following you around to clean up your messes. Whether it is at home, at the office, or at a crowded H&M don’t create work for other people by leaving a mess to clean up. Your roommates, coworkers, and store personnel will thank you for it.


5. Park Far Away if You Can:

Most of the time there is no real need for you to park in the spot two feet from the door.  If you don’t need a front row parking spot leave it for the next person who might. Think about how much you’d appreciate this next time you are hauling 6 grocery bags down the sidewalk from your street parking spot to the front door of your apartment.


6. Make Introductions:

When you bring two groups of friends together remember to take the time to do proper introductions. Social situations can thrive or flop based on how well people are able to connect. Help people open up and feel comfortable by introducing them and kick starting the conversation.


7. Be On Time:

Show that you respect the time of whoever you are meeting by being on time. The other person is giving up their time to see you. If you are going to be late give people plenty of notice so they can adjust their schedule accordingly.


8. Ask, Never Assume:

You never know what people are dealing with. Don’t make assumptions that people are awful, wrong, or bad based on a single impression. Take the time to show that you care by asking people how their day is going or if something is bothering them. This simple piece of advice can save a whole lot of headache and anger.


9. Don’t Look for Recognition:

Give for the sake of giving with no expectation for anything in return. Asking for a pat on the back when you do something nice for someone makes you self-serving not thoughtful. Avoid that trap!


Tell us your simple ways for being a thoughtful single girl #thoughtfulSG

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