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Kristen Page gives The Single Diaries the Inside Scoop on the City That Never Sleeps


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Welcome to What I Love About My City—a new series in which our favorite single girls dish on, you guessed it, what they love most about their city. We’re getting the inside scoop on everything from the best places for a single girls weekend to the secret spots only the locals know about. If you’re thinking about moving or just planning your next trip, we’ll fill you in with all the essential details on the cities our crew knows best.
Starting our series off is Kristen Page, retail designer, fantastic friend, and wonder woman extraordinaire fills us in about life on the east coast.

“Single girls have the ability to do whatever they want – the possibilities truly are endless. New York is a very driven, competitive city with a lot of intelligent individuals who want to succeed just as much as you do. So you have to be willing to work hard to get ahead and go after exactly what you want!”

Originally from St. Louis, MO Kristen, 25, moved to New York City after graduation to pursue a career in retail design with a top branding strategy and design agency. Though now living on opposite coasts, we’ve stayed close friends since our freshman year when we first met as college roommates.

J: How did you end up living in NYC?
I ended up in NYC, ultimately because of my career. I grew up in St. Louis and went to design school in Cincinnati, but there was never a doubt in my mind that I wanted to be in a big city. In college, I was in a unique co-op program that alternated academic quarters with professional experience giving me the chance to complete 6 internships in 3 cities (Chicago, St. Louis, and New York) and a summer studying (and by studying I mean traveling) abroad in London. During my New York internships, I fell in love with the branding company I was working for, and I knew immediately that I had found my niche in the ever-growing and complicated world of design. Luckily, I got an offer to come back full-time after graduation, so I accepted and began to plan my move to New York… just a few short days after graduation in 2011.
J: What has surprised you most about living there?
The biggest thing that continues to surprise me about New York is the VAST (and growing) disparity in the income gap. Without getting too deep here, I am just amazed that you can walk through a trendy, tree-lined West Village neighborhood with multi-million dollar brownstones (whose owners surely own multiple cars, at least one vacation home in the Hamptons, and travel via helicopter whenever possible) and then you walk a few blocks away to find a group of homeless, unemployed individuals sleeping on the streets begging for money on the subway. It amazes me how much money is in this city—and unfortunately how unevenly it is distributed.


J: It’s a great observation. I think you get that disparity in any big city. We certainly see that here in L.A. as well. What would you say has grown to be your favorite thing about the city? Any secret spots you can clue us in to?
My favorite thing is that there is always something new and fun to try. You could go to a different restaurant or bar every night without ever repeating! Some of my go-to spots include: the hidden Burger Joint in Le Parker Meridian Hotel (you forget you’re in the middle of Manhattan at this gem), Mable’s BBQ (Best Ribs ever), The Meatball Shop (Love everything here), Num Pang sandwich shop (delicious Cambodian street food), Essa Bagel (bring on the cream cheese), Roberta’s pizza (holy delicious freshly wood-fired pizza), ABC Kitchen (farm-to-table perfection), Luke’s Lobster (their lobster rolls are everything), Melt (because who doesn’t love some gourmet grilled cheese), Jane (don’t leave without eating the toasted gnocchi… it is life changing), Bathtub Gin (the best speakeasy in the hood), and Risotteria Melotti (my gluten-free heaven).


J: You’ve got me ready to book my next trip there! If you have girlfriends coming to visit, where do you take them?
We would start with a boozy brunch at Revel in meatpacking (an entrée for $35 + all-you-can-drink for 2 hours), and then head to do some shopping at Chelsea Market, possibly hop on some Citi bikes (sober, of course) and head over the Brooklyn Bridge to check out the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene and then get some to-die-for grub at Smorgasburg or at least an afternoon cupcake snack at Sprinkles cupcakes (shopping and biking can work up quite the appetite…trust me!). Lastly, we would come back to my apartment to change and get ready for the night, have a (few) drink(s) on my rooftop that overlooks the Hudson River, go to a late dinner at Cookshop, and head out to see where the night takes us!


J: Now I’m sold! In the miraculous instance that you have a free Saturday, what does your perfect day look like?
My perfect Saturday starts with a run along the West Side highway bike trail, followed by a shower and a necessary NY bagel and cream cheese (delivered to my door… thank you Seamless Web). Then I would meet up with friends for an afternoon at the park to hang out, go for a walk, or share a bottle of rosé. I would head home in the early evening to get ready, meet up with friends for a late dinner, and then head out for the night!


J: What makes the city appealing for a Single Girl?   Any tips you can offer for other Single Girls in the city?
Alicia was right…
“In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made. There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York. These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you, let’s hear it for New York…”
Single girls have the ability to do whatever they want – the possibilities truly are endless. You just need to follow your dreams and get ready to work hard to make that dream come true. New York is a very driven, competitive city with a lot of intelligent individuals who want to succeed just as much as you do. So you have to be willing to work hard to get ahead and get exactly what you want. You can do it!


J: What advice would you offer to other girls looking to move to the city?
New York can be an extremely difficult place to meet new people. If you’re looking to move to the city, I suggest connecting with anyone and everyone you can. Try your high school, college, and sorority alumni network groups. Check your Facebook friends to see who lives (or has friends) in the city, and once you get here join a club of some sort: a running club, a book club, or wine club to name a few! Reach out and do what you can to find a great group of friends—it’s a huge, but 100% necessity.


3 words I’d use to describe NYC: Addictive, Delicious, and Exhilarating

Best place to get a cheap mani/pedi: Chelsea Nail Salon (100 W 23rd St New York, NY 10011) $25 Mani/Pedi or $8 Mani / $17 Pedi

I absolutely can’t resist eating: The Meatball Shop!

When I’m hunting down a good sale I head straight to: Chelsea Market for a pop-up sample sale!

You know you’re a true New Yorker when: You get upset in other cities when you can’t walk outside and get a cab in less than 30 seconds… nor order food at 4am.


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