Single Girl’s Guide to the Wedding Plus One

Qualities and Alternative Dates to consider when choosing your Plus One

wedding plus one

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Wedding season is around the corner. If you’re in your mid-twenties, a common topic of conversation is just how many “Save the Dates” you’ve received this year. If you’ve been allotted a guest, here are guidelines for characteristics to look for and different date ideas to find your chosen One.

Chances are, since you don’t have an automatic wedding plus one in mind, you are a) not married, b) not dating someone, or c) not interested in anyone. Fear not; you have more options than you think… unless your 1,500 friends on Facebook are all people you Friend-ed online on the first day of college then proceeded to lock yourself in your dormitory cave without human interaction for four years. And if that’s the case, refer to my post on meeting new friends after college.

Top Three Qualities of a Quality Date
wedding plus one

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A plus one should not require a babysitter. Your date should be entertaining to him or herself as well as to you. What’s better than someone who can make you laugh during the two hour ceremony?


wedding plus one

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A good plus one has people skills. This bodes well for the self-entertaining aspect as well as being a potential wingman during cocktail hour.




Weddings are about the dance party finale, so bring yourself a cha cha partner, a swing dancer, a twerk buddy.



Three Alternative Date Ideas

Give yourself a break from the chase, and fully enjoy yourself at your friend’s wedding with a no-pressure date. Consider these alternatives.

wedding plus one


Your BFF

Obvious default. But steer clear of the boozy Bettys. You do not want to be known as the female duo that got sick on the dance floor.

wedding plus one

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Your Gay Husband

Refer back to quality #1: self-entertaining. Not many people are more critical of weddings than the stereotypical gay man. Even if he isn’t bitchier than you, he will likely follow your lead and keep the night amusing.

wedding plus one

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Superbly Single You

Go boldly. If you walk in with courage and confidence, you have the opportunity to meet all new people and even impress a few. Keep in mind these tips on how to rock solo in a room full of couples.



How many weddings are you attending this year? Who are you bringing as your plus one?


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