Staying Connected to Your Alma Mater

How your university can help you make new friends, save money, get a job and other amazing tips

Friday kicks off my alma mater the University of Cincinnati’s annual Homecoming Weekend. While not deemed an official holiday, it ranks pretty high on my list of favorite reasons to celebrate. The weekend centers around a football game hosted Saturday afternoon but doesn’t stop there. A full calendar of events is planned to liven up the festivities. Cocktail receptions, brunches, and tailgates are all part of the weekend’s agenda, planned in hopes of drawing alumni back to show their support.

Homecoming is a special event for me because it gives me reason to head back home each fall to catch up with college friends, sorority sisters, and past professors and advisors. It’s a special way to pay tribute to the people and places that made college the amazing time that it was. For me this annual showdown of school spirit is just one of the many reasons to stay connected to my university.

Recent and seasoned grads can reap many benefits from keeping ties with their home schools. Read on for more reasons to consider staying close to your alma mater.

Networking in New Cities
When you move to a new city one of the easiest ways to get settled is to reach out to other alumni who are living in the area. They can be a great resource for helping you to figure out everything from which part of town to live to filling you in on insider tips and tricks. This is also a great place to start when looking for new friends. Knowing that you’ve got something in common helps forge an easy connection.
Post Grad Job Opportunities
Finding a new job can be quite the challenge. It’s a very competitive market and often a great resume isn’t enough to get you in the door. Reach out to your alumni network to see if you can make a connection with someone who works at the dream company you’re after. They may be able to help pass your resume along to the right people or at least give you some interview pointers.
Stay connected to college friends
Once you’ve all moved away from home it can be tricky to find time to come back together. Events like homecoming, alumni weekends, and big rivalry games give you all a reason to head back to the same place for some fun.
Fun school spirit!
Most schools have regional alumni groups that host get-togethers for game days and other outings. Looping in with this crew is a great way to keep your school spirit alive while expanding your circle of friends in your new city.
Many schools will hook you up with special offers just for being an alumna. You can likely find specials discounts for on-campus recreation centers, bookstores, and restaurants as well as off-campus attractions like museums and zoos.
Mentoring Opportunities
Looking for a way to give back? Consider reaching out to your alumni group and letting them know you’d like to serve as a mentor to college interns or recent grads in your city. Giving this little bit of your time will make a big difference for these students.
Whether applying for a new job or seeking a committed volunteer opportunity it’s always important to have strong references. Your college professors and advisors spent a great amount of time getting to know you and your work. They can be valuable assets who can speak supportively on your behalf.
The Alumni Insurance program offers different types of coverage for different stages of your life. If you are self-employed or still seeking a job, this can be a great alternative for taking care of your insurance needs.
 If you are thinking about taking on a graduate program, check to see if your undergraduate university offers scholarships for taking your education to the next level.
Continuing Education
While you’re at it, why not check out your school’s non-credit continuing education courses. These can be an excellent way to take your hobbies to the next level as well as to add bonus points to your resume.  Most schools have a mix of both online and classroom learning opportunities.


For the full low-down I recommend heading to your school’s alumni website. Most are able to provide you with a full list of resources they offer.


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