Simple Ways to be a Thoughtful Single Girl

Part 1 of 2: Staying close with friends and family when you’ve moved away

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Two years ago I decided to move Los Angeles, 2,000 miles away from my home in Cincinnati. The final decision was driven by a job, but there was also something deeper that had lured me out to the west coast. Without ever having traveled there, I knew it was where I wanted to be.
From that perspective, heading to California should have been an easy choice. Weighed against my earnestness to move, however, was the difficult decision to deliberately move away from friends and family. For them, the thought of me leaving was nearly heartbreaking. Though I desperately wanted to leave Cincinnati, in some ways it felt selfish to do something that was so much about what I needed instead of what those closest to me wanted.
In the end, I made that difficult decision to pack my bags and head west. As single girls we can be pretty independent, yet we have to remember that we do not reach our destinations on our own but with the support of those who love us. When I settled into L.A., I wanted to make sure my friends and family knew my departure did not mean I left them behind. Though I freed myself to live my own life, I needed to find ways they would know I was still thinking of them. It’s been two years since I made my big move, and I’ve come up with a few tricks.
Read on for my tips for Simple Ways to Be a Thoughtful Single Girl.
These are my favorite tips for making sure friends and family back home know they are still a very important part of your life, even if distance happens to keep you apart. For part two of this post I’ll share my tips for being a thoughtful single girl in your everyday life. Stay tuned!
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