The Power in Power Couples

The Single Diaries tackles the question of what makes “power couples” unique

As you know, a lady can be “superbly single” whether she’s single or in a relationship. Let’s talk about the ultimate independent women with plus ones: one half of the power couples. Movements by themselves but forces when they’re together, power couples are made up of two stand-alone powerhouses. We love them. We want to be them. So what’s their secret? Here’s our take on the elusive power couple.


Every successful relationship is built on good communication. Alison Parker said it best, “Relationships are like governments. Every one has its own set of rules and bylaws. You just have to figure out what yours are.” No two couples are the same, and what works for one won’t work for another. Power couples have their rules of communication down to a T. They serve as each other’s confidante and consult each other on major decisions. They prioritize not only each other but their relationship, and they consistently balance the partnership.



In matters of love, emotion can quickly cloud one’s judgment. If communication is the foundation of a good relationship, respect is the equalizer. When an individual holds his or her partner in high regard for their character and for their accomplishments, s/he sets the stage for being a real partner: someone who recognizes achievement, encourages growth, and always fights fairly.


Value and Compromise

These are also cornerstones of every relationship. Each half places significance not only on their partner but also on the life they build together. A partnership requires compromise… a give-and-take that affords each person time and energy to continue to work toward bettering him or herself outside of the relationship. There is an understanding that each individual is valuable to the success of the other. This inspires the other to put their best foot forward at all times and, in turn, makes them better partners.

Grow Separately and Work Together

A power couple is famous—either definitively or in their own right—so their relationship is a large part of their identity. Despite that, each half of the couple works to develop their prowess and their status individually… whether that’s climbing in their own career, serving as an ambassador to a cause, or running a marathon. Each half does not stop growing and improving, learning new skills and perfecting others. What sets power couples apart is their ability to collaborate their strengths and produce just as victoriously as a team, regardless if it’s a major project or managing the household.


Confidence and Charisma

A power couple is in the public eye. They may not always choose the limelight, but they serve as role models in the communities they are a part of. They light up a room because individually they can charm a crowd, but together they shine more brightly. However, neither overshadows the other because they stand by each other, praising each other’s individuality and proud to be part of a true partnership.



Ultimately, this is what elevates power couples above other happy couples. Their relationship doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It has a positive effect on those around them. Above all, as a couple they feel a sense of purpose and are dedicated to a greater good larger than themselves.


power couples

PHOTO: Zap2It. OK, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are not in a romantic relationship, but if they were they would single-handedly rule the world… though they kind of do already.


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