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Holiday Date Ideas for Everyone on Your Wish List

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Instead of wrapping your holiday gifts this year, why not treat the ones on your list to a special day or night out with you? It’s not only the perfect way to squeeze in quality time with all the people you care most about, but it’s an excuse to treat yourself to some fun amidst the holiday craze. Read on for 10 fun date ideas that are sure to make this holiday season a memorable one.


1. WHO: Your Girlfriends               WHAT: Holiday Shopping

You have to do it anyway, so why not round up your girlfriends and make a day of it? Avoid the malls, and find a neighborhood with lots of local shops and boutiques. Start early, make time for a leisurely lunch (treat the girls if you can!), shop the afternoon away, and finish up by inviting everyone back to your place to wrap up all of your hard-earned treasures.


2. WHO: Mom               WHAT: Day at the Spa

You could go the traditional route, and get your mom a gift card for a massage or mani-pedi.  However, why not instead by-pass the gift card and actually take her to the spa yourself? Can’t afford to purchase two expensive services? Many spas offer a low cost option to simply use the facilities. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon soaking in the jacuzzis, steaming in the saunas, and sipping on hot tea. Your mom will love having the time to spend with you more than any service you could buy.


3.  WHO: The Guy You’re “Talking to”/  Just Started Dating               WHAT: Neighborhood Christmas Lights Tour

If the relationship is new, keep things light and fun. Search for the neighborhoods in your city that go all out for the holidays. Typically every city has at least one area that leaves no house unadorned. Heat up a couple of tall mugs of hot chocolate and go for a stroll to see the houses decked out with Christmas lights and decorations. Before heading out, create a list of items you think you’ll find (inflatable snowman, life-like deer, giant snow globe), and make a game of seeing who can spot them first.


4. WHO: Siblings & Cousins               WHAT: Christmas Movies

Gather your siblings and cousins for a day at the movies. There is always at least one holiday-themed flick out this time of year. If you want to make it an even more memorable occasion, have everyone dress according to a theme: ugly Christmas sweaters, reindeer antlers, jingle bells. Head to the movies early, and take time to walk around the mall/plaza where the theater is located and get a few fun pics with Christmas trees and other decorations. Besides getting some great photo keepsakes for yourselves, you’ll have fun with all of the awkward stares and requests for photo-ops you’re sure to get from strangers.


5: WHO: Grandma               WHAT: Cookie Baking

Join grandma in the kitchen this year for some holiday cookie baking. Before meeting up, give her a call to figure out what kinds of treats you’d like to make. Pick a few traditional and one or two new recipes to try out. Tastespotting is one of my favorite sites for finding new recipes.  Lend an extra hand by going to the grocery store to pick up all of the ingredients. The two of you can then enjoy a yummy day in the kitchen baking different treats for you family to enjoy at your holiday gathering. She’ll appreciate you taking care of the hard part and having the chance to spend a full day catching up with you.


6. WHO: Roommates               WHAT: Ice Skating

Take off the pressure of shopping for one another and get out of the apartment for some classic holiday fun. Bundle up and go for an ice skate in one of your city’s outdoor seasonal rinks. Renting skates is usually pretty inexpensive, and one hour of ice skating can burn around 400 calories. You’ll have a good laugh with each other and be able to treat yourselves to holiday cocktails after guilt-free.


7. WHO: Dad               WHAT: Picking out the Christmas Tree

What better way to bond with Dad than to  get outdoors and back to nature? Sites like Pick Your Own Christmas Tree help you find a place where you can go pick out and cut down you’re own Christmas tree. Dad will enjoy an escape from the holiday madness and the chance to do something rugged. You’ll have fun telling the story when guests come over and comment on your perfectly chosen tree.


8. WHO: The Whole Crew               WHAT:  Host a Holiday Party

Check off your extended wish list by inviting your friends over to a holiday party hosted at your place. Everyone is in a celebratory mood this time of year and will look forward to the chance for some festive fun. Plus, they’ll appreciate you taking the lead and organizing an event before they have to. If you’re looking for tips on hosting the perfect holiday event check out our post here on The Single Diaries.


9. WHO: Co-Workers               WHAT: Volunteering

Organize a volunteering event to get you and your co-workers out of the office and into the holiday spirit. Find a local soup kitchen to serve a meal at, plan a Christmas cooking decorating event with a boys and girls club, or a free food store that needs help stocking their sweeps of holiday donations. Volunteering is an excellent way to help out in your local community and to foster strong relationships within your team.


10. WHO: Boyfriend               WHAT: Craft Beer Tasting and Home Brewing

Plan a unique date night for you and your boyfriend by treating him to a night of craft beer tasting and brewing. Start off by locating a place in your city that hosts beer tastings or offers flights of craft beer on their menu. Look for special seasonal brews you can only get this time of year. Can’t find a place like this in your ‘hood? Pick up a few brews at the grocery, follow a few tips from Craft Brew and host at your house. After you’ve tasted away agree on a favorite and brew up a batch with a home brewing kit. The two of you will have fun learning something new together.



Happy Holidays!


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