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A Look at the Greatest Lessons We’ve Learned from Our Dads



There are many men who will come in and out of our lives but there is one who rises above the rest– our dads. When I look back on my childhood and what it took to raise me into the young woman I am today, I can truly see how difficult the role of “dad” is to fill. It’s takes a brave man to step into those shoes. Speaking from my experience, I know that girls, especially in our teenage years, are not always the easiest bunch to deal with. We want our freedom but also our dad’s protection. We want to learn but also to discover things on our own. We want to be told we’re beautiful but to be valued for more than our looks.

This Sunday June 15th we will celebrate the men who have raised us to become the fierce, fearless, and aspiring women we are today. In preparation for Father’s Day, we’ve asked several of our Single Girl contributors to tell us the most important lessons they’ve learned from their dads.  Read on for the lessons we’ve learned and then let us know– What is the best lesson you’ve learned from your dad?

>>There is Nothing You Can’t Accomplish

happy father's day

I learned from my dad that education is the most important thing for success because knowledge is something no one can ever take away from you. He also showed me to never put limitations on yourself because there is no ceilings to what you can accomplish.
Shalini Bethala– law student and TSD fitness contributor


>>Buy Experiences, Not Possessions

happy father's day

My dad always taught me that the most valuable thing you can put your money toward are memorable experiences. You can buy things but over time they lose their value. Experiences stay with you forever and are something you grow more fond of over time.

Caroline Kahle- fashion designer and TSD contributor


>> Attitude is Everything

happy father's day

The greatest lesson my dad always taught me, was that attitude is everything. The same situation could be great or horrible. It all depends what kind of attitude you approach it with. This lesson has helped me through all parts of my life and I will remember it forever!

Kristen Procter– pharmacist and TSD contributor


>> Never Burn Bridges

happy father's day

One lesson that has always stuck with me from my dad is the importance of relationships. You may not always get along with everyone you meet or always agree with the opinions of others but at the end of the day you have to maintain your respect for that person no matter your differences. I try to keep this lesson in mind in both my personal and professional relationships and it’s always been a good approach!

Jen Hacker- Founder of The Single Diaries


>>Patience is a Virtue


My dad taught me that patience is a virtue, but it’s something we learn over time. Our dad, the only male in a family of five, taught us patience through example: he was present at every dance competition, every musical, every singing recital to support us on without question. He is happy to act as chauffeur for any and all of us, listens to hours of girls only conversation, and never complains.

Catherine Abalos- Founder of The Single Diaries


Happy Father’s Day!

What lessons have you learned from your dad? Tell us below or tweet us @SingleDiariesXO!


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