All Hail Our Single Girls

A Shout Out to Our Amazing Contributors, Our Single Girls


As we celebrate 1 year of The Single Diaries we would be remiss not to recognize the Single Girls who have contributed to the making of this site. From our long-time friends to friends whom we’ve recently met, there are nearly 50 amazing women whose talents make up these pages.

The posts that they have contributed are as varied as the women themselves. Some have shared their advice through original articles. Others have let us tap their talents for an interview. While still others have shared their words of wisdom for posts Catherine and I have put together.

No matter the method, the result remains the same. We are always inspired by their passion, ability, and fortitude. We’ve:

  • Learned from their adventures in romance.
  • Explored the world through their travels.
  • Gotten to know the cities they call home.
  • Been motivated by their pursuits.

Needless to say, we think our Single Girls rock.

A few weeks ago one of our contributors introduced me to a dinner party game called “I’m a badass because…”. Everyone around the table was asked to share what personal accomplishments she was most proud of. I had two immediate reactions when our host initiated the game- fear and appreciation. Fear because I, like many of us, am not comfortable tooting my own horn. Appreciation, for having a friend that was pushing this group of girls not only to cheer for one another but also for themselves.

When I thought about the best way to recognize The Single Diaries contributors I could think of no better idea than to carry forward this game and allow each girl the chance to express what she is most proud. See what they had to say-

I’m a badass because…

Kristen Page

“I was able to overcome an extremely rare life-threatening illness (with a 60% death rate) in enough time to have the wedding of my dreams. I fought for 21 long and torturous days in the ICU with one goal in mind… to recover enough to walk down the aisle to the man of my dreams. Nothing was going to stop me!”

Sarah Moshman

“I am a badass because I won an Emmy Award for a documentary I produced about young women empowering themselves then directed my first documentary feature in the same theme, “The Empowerment Project” which is screening all over the US!”

Alexandra Muller

“I am a badass because I can squat 100 pounds more than my body weight. Strength is found in a mind that believes in your own ability.”

Chelsea Nicholson & Vanessa Stofenmacher

“We feel badass because we turned our dreams of Vrai & Oro into a reality.”

Shalini Bethala

“I’m a badass because I finally have the courage to follow my dreams! They may be ridiculously far-fetched, but I am no longer putting ceilings on what I can do!”

Jen Smith

“Two years ago I took a chance and shifted my career in a major way. In the past year that bold decision has blossomed into personal growth and professional opportunities beyond anything I ever could have imagined. I now help run an exciting multi-million dollar company with operational responsibility for its products, the first of which recently won the industry’s top award and the second breakthrough product on the way. I’m a badass because I’m just getting started.”

Missy Modell

“I’m on a new mission to do something that scares me every single day. Get outta that comfort zone!”

Brunches with the Best | Missy Modell 

Now it’s your turn! We are inviting you to share with us what makes you awesome or as we like to say- superbly single. Don’t hold back. It’s your time to shine. Complete the sentence “I’m a badass because…” in the comments below or tweet us @SingleDiariesXO!

Want to contribute to the site? We are always looking for fresh faces to add to our roster of Single Girl contributors. Email us at if you are interested in learning how to share a post.

Superbly Single,



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