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Keeping in touch with high school and college girlfriends can be tough after graduation. Chances are your tightknit group which was once inseparable is now spread across the country. The “real world” comes with a whole new set of challenges not the least of which is maintaining these invaluable friendships from miles and miles apart.
One thing I have vowed to do to help ease this pain is to plan an annual girls trip that brings everyone back together.  Trips are great, not only because they give your group something to look forward to, but also because they inspire endless group text and email chains to keep the planning excitement going. The entire process of putting together a trip from selecting a destination to squeezing the last pair of shoes into your suitcase lends itself to keeping you closely connected with your gfs.
Looking for the perfect excuse to put a trip on the calendar? Good news for you: Halloween is just around the corner, and we couldn’t think of a better reason to gather the girls. Chances are you’ve all got costumes from college theme parties and sorority/fraternity mixers gone by that are just beckoning to be worn one last time.  The only thing left is to pick the proper destination to resurrect them.
To inspire your planning, we’ve put together a list of the best destinations for you and your crew to party it up this Halloween.

Halloween New Orleans

New Orleans, LA
The Gist: This year marks the 30th anniversary of N’awlins annual Halloween celebration. The city invites guests to revel in the magic of Bourbon Street for four days of costumed parties with the mission to raise money for Project Lazarus, a home in New Orleans for men and women with AIDS. Each year gets its own theme, and this year’s is Chapel of Love. Make sure to get your tickets to the city’s best parties before taking off!
Why it’s Great for the Girls: If you’re looking to add a little culture to your party mix, New Orleans is the place to do it. Build in some extra time to take in the city’s French Quarter, beignets, and rich history.
Costume of Choice: The theme is Chapel of Love so take a cue from Bridesmaids, and get dolled up in Pepto colored ruffles and bows.


West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval

West Hollywood, CA
The Gist: West Hollywood is host to the nation’s largest street party entertaining over half a million partiers each year. Santa Monica Blvd is closed down for the occasion and becomes a stage for musicians, performers and, of course, the craziest costumes you can imagine. The party runs straight through the city’s most flamboyant neighborhood, so the crowd will certainly entertain.
Why it’s Great for the Girls: The gay-friendly crowd means you can let your guard down without worrying about a Halloween-themed pick-up line coming your way (read: That skeleton over there said he’d get your number for me, but he didn’t have the guts, so here I am).
Costume of Choice: A teddy bear body suit a la Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s will have these boys cheering your name.


Village Halloween Parade

New York, NY
The Gist: New York’s Halloween parade brings together the best of costumes, live music, elaborate floats, and performers for an event you just can’t miss. Last year’s event was cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy, and the city is ready to make up with this year’s festivities. You can expect 53 bands, hundreds of giant puppets, and thousands of dressed-up New Yorkers. Costumes are required, so plan ahead!
Why it’s Great for the Girls: The Village Parade is a celebration of artistry. Your group can join in the spirit by volunteering to man one of the enormous puppets as it travels down the streets. “Remember that time when…” is sure to be the start to this Halloween story for years to come.
Costume of Choice: Creativity reigns here so do a little DIY to craft a group costume. We suggest taking a nod from SNL and pulling together a Real Housewives of of Disney theme.


Halloween on the Strip

Las Vegas, NV
The Gist: Sin City; can you imagine a better place to spend Halloween? The city promotes creative exploration 365 days a year but gives extra liberty to guests on Halloween. You’ll be greeted with over 50 different parties to get reckless at and the chance to win a piece of over $250M in costume contest prize money. Anything goes here so let your imagination run wild!
Why it’s Great for the Girls: Vegas can be done on a dime if planned the right way. If booked in advance, you can score a hotel for under $100 a night, and club access and drinks are generally free for females.
Costume of Choice: Sexy (fill in the blank). Anything goes in Vegas, so let loose! Take this cue from Mean Girls. 


Do you have other great suggestions for a Halloween trip? Let us know! Happy Haunting!


– Jen
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