10 Ways to Show Your Love this Valentine’s Day

Inspired by Celebrations of Valentine’s Day Around the World

valentine's day

Here’s a fun fact, did you know that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in nearly every country across the world? The exact date and the name of the holiday may differ but almost unanimously our global society recognizes a day to celebrate love. For some nations the focus is on romantic love, for others friendships or family. Yet, at the heart of every celebration is a desire to show and grow our love for each other. Pretty spectacular when you think about it.

By now you’ve probably run through all the traditional ways to celebrate V-Day—quirky cards, boxes of chocolate, teddy bears. This year, why not approach Valentine’s Day not just as a reason to give a gift but as a reason to sincerely show your love for all the people you appreciate in life?  The holiday may seem frivolous at first, but with the right mindset it can be an annual reminder to have fun, celebrate life, and enjoy the gift of loved ones.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are 10 ways you can show that special someone you care, inspired by different celebrations around the world.

1. Dia del Amor y la Amistad, Latin America

valentine' day

In Mexico, the holiday is not only about celebrating your relationship with your significant other but also to show your appreciation for your close friends. Show your gal pals you care by treating them to a special Valentine’s Day get-together hosted at your house. We love the recipes and decor ideas from The EveryGirl.


2.  情人节, Lover’s Festival, China

valentine's day

Chinese men and women have the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day not once but twice! On V-Day as we know it, men traditionally present women with chocolates. On White Day which happens one month later, the reverse happens. The most prized gifts of chocolate are those that are made by hand because it shows sincerity in the gift. Take a cue and whip up our skinny mini chocolate pies for the one you love.


3. Sepandarmazgan, Iran

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A festival devoted to expressing love for mothers is at the heart of the Iranian Valentine’s Day celebration. Follow suit by including your mom in your Valentine’s Day well wishes. Go a step beyond a simple card and take her on a date she’ll remember. We’ve got some great ideas you can check out here.


4. Tu B’Av, Israel

valentine's day

In Israel, Valentine’s Day is a prime time to tell someone you love them and for suitors to propose to their lucky ladies. While marriage might not yet be in the cards, you can certainly mimic their custom of telling your friends, family, and significant other that you love them. Make your words more meaningful by backing them up with our ways to be a thoughtful single girl.


5. Dragobete, Romania

valentine's day

The Romania festival of love figuratively marks the first day of spring and is celebrated by gifting flowers to loved ones. Show your roommates some love by bringing home fresh flowers and decorating your apartment with these simple arrangement techniques from Lauren Conrad. 


6.  Valentine’s Day, Singapore

valentine's dayThere’s no holding back on this holiday for Singapore which scores at the top of the list as the biggest spenders and celebrators of the holiday. Big celebrations, festivals, and outings are planned to commemorate the day. Get in the same groove by gathering your crew for a celebratory night on the town.


7. Dydd Santes Dwynwen, Wales

valentine's day

The Welsh celebration of love is commemorated with music and attending concerts and parties is tradition. Stay up to date with the hottest shows hitting your neighborhood with Songkick and pick up tix for a show Valentine’s Day night.


8. Ystävänpäivä, Friends’ Day, Finland
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Card from Sugar Paper

In Finland, Valentine’s Day focuses on celebrating friendships much more than romantic relationships. Remind your girlfriends how much they mean to you with cute cards like those offered at Urbanic or digital versions from Paperless Post.


9. Araw ng mga Puso, Heart’s Day, Philippines

valentine's day

Valentine’s Day in the Philippines is a day to celebrate love, get love, and give love. It’s all about expressing your feelings for those you care and to showing them a little extra attention. Do the same for those in  your inner circle by doling out the hugs, kisses, and other signs of affection. This is no day to hold back!


10. Dia dos Namorados, Boyfriend/Girlfriend’s Day, Portugal

valentine's day

Portugal keeps Valentine’s Day focus on the love between romantic couples. If you’re in a relationship plan a special date for your sweetie to show him just how much you care. Our DIY Valentine’s Day gift is a fun way to share your presents.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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