7 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Guy

Symon says! Contributor Symon Roger shares his recommendations for budget-friendly gifts your guy will actually appreciate


By: Symon Roger

Last Christmas was a complete disaster for me. I don’t want to sound rude but when I unwrapped the over-sized t-shirt and jeans my girlfriend had picked out for me, let’s say I was less than enthused.  To make matters worse, she had full expectations that I would wear my new wardrobe as we paid our Christmas visits to friends and family. It was clear I had other intentions for her gift. When she saw the unenthused look on my face, she snapped, “This is what I could get within my budget. It’s a pity you don’t understand fashion”. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t last.

Don’t take me for a total jerk quite yet. I understood that she wanted to be sweet and buy something for me. I also knew that she was also under a lot of pressure not to spend too much as she had other cost concerns. I myself had some bills that needed to be tended to before I dished out dollars for presents. The thing is, I would have rather her saved her money than spend it on a gift I truly disliked. It was a lose / lose situation for us both.

So my advice for all of you girls is that you’re better off buying nothing than buying bad gifts for your guy.  You’re probably wondering then what makes for a good gift. After all, it’s not always possible to know what men really like. (We have weird minds I know : ) To give you a hand, I’ve come up with a list of budget-friendly gifts under $50 that your guy will truly appreciate. Some of these may not seem obvious but trust me, he’ll appreciate them!

1. Ralph Lauren Wool Scarf

Want to make your boyfriend stylish during winter? Give him this classic scarf in completely wearable hues that will get him through the cold winter months..

Price: $44.21

2. Bluetooth Gloves

One of the more annoying things about winter is reaching for your phone and not being able to answer it because you have gloves on. With a pair of these gloves that problem goes away for good. Such a simple way to make the cold months a bit better for your guy.

Price: $22.99

3. Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

What guy doesn’t love a bowl of cereal? What makes this bowl awesome is that it separates the cereal from milk keeping every flake crispy until ready to eat. He’ll think of you every time he enjoys his favorite food and love you all the more each type he takes a crunch bite. Trust me when I’m saying this.

Price: $11.89

4. Shoe Shine Kit 

This is something every guy needs but generally doesn’t want to buy. This is what makes it a perfect gift. The box will have all the things needed to keep your boyfriend’s shoes looking top notch and ready to walk into any room in style.

Price: $13.29

5. Chief’s Shaving Cream

Your guy will love you for this. Chief’s shaving cream creates an incredible lather for an ultra-close shave and it smells great. It makes the everyday task of shaving just a little more awesome.

Price: $18.99

6. Waterproof iPad Case

This great gift gives your guy the ability to use his iPad anywhere near the water without any stress. You know he’s already brining it into the bathroom with him so why not help him protect it!

Price – $47.99

7. Fogless Shower Mirror

The best time to for your guy to shave is when he’s in the shower. The steam helps to soften skin but it also fogs up normal mirrors. This gift is the perfect solution. Your guy will thank you for making his life just that much easier.

Price – $14.99


I have shared my list of unusual and budget-friendly gifts for men. If you’ve any other idea, I’d love to know what you have in mind!

Happy Holidays!


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