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Blogger Whitney Cosgrave walks us through the latest in beauty looks to get us to the countdown

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The biggest beauty night of the year is nearly upon us: New Year’s Eve. December 31st is not the time to play it safe and wear your same old little black dress and follow your same old makeup routine. It’s a time for true glitz and glamour and, even if you’re just at home when the ball drops, why not have a little fun and take a risk with your make-up? 2013 has been a major year for all things beauty (crazy manicures, blue lips) so if you haven’t had the chance or the courage to try something new just yet, now is your time to shine. Here, a few of the best beauty looks from this year and how to incorporate them into your New Year’s look. To keep your face looking perfect late into the night be sure to incorporate primer, a setting spray, and waterproof mascara.

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Bold Lip

The bold lip was huge this year, with bright red ruling the runways and the streets alike. It’s a classic and perfect for the holidays which makes it the ultimate NYE statement.


Bold Brow

The thick brow is back, and we have Cara Delevigne to thank. Pencil yours in, or use Benefit’s new product Gimme Brow which helps to make filling them in foolproof.

Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow has come a long way from its less-than-chic ’80s past. 2013’s blue eyeshadows comes in myriad shades to flatter every skin tone and eye color. Try doing a smoky eye in indigo shades. Just please don’t pair it with a frosted pink lipstick!


white eyeliner

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White Eyeliner

We’ve heard from makeup artists that a dab of white eyeliner at the inner corner of the eye can help to open it up and brighten the area, but we’re loving how makeup artists were fully lining the eye in the creamy shade. A bold swipe above your top lashes looks chic in a Twiggy sort of way when paired with tons of thick mascara.

Major Lashes

Speaking of mascara, lashes have gotten bigger and better as of yet. There are tons of easy-to-use, natural looking (if you were a beauty freak of nature, that is) faux lashes on the market now, not to mention the lash bars and mink versions that have popped up around L.A. Our favorite lash boosting mascara is Benefit’s new They’re Real! mascara (as seen here).

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Glitter Over Eyeliner

This one does require a certain level of skill, or at least a steady hand. Draw a thin line of black eyeliner above your lash line or go bolder with a wing tip, and top that with a glittery liner. If that’s a little too risky, look for a liner with a shimmer already in it.

two toned lipstick

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Two-Toned Lipstick

This looks professional and super festive, but actually requires very little skill or artistry. Just use two complementary colors, one for the top and one for the bottom lip. Using a matte formula will keep it in place longer.


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Originally from Kelowna, Canada, Whitney Cosgrave resides in Los Angeles and is the lady behind See Shop Eat Do.

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