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jaclyn johnson

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Wish you could have immediate access to all of the best advice from boss ladies in the business? Now you can. Introducing Mentor Sessions – answers to all of those questions you know you want to ask, from one woman entrepreneur to another. Coming up first, Jaclyn Johnson. She’s the founder of No Subject, a “creatively driven marketing, events, and influencer agency” and that’s just for starters. If you’re an avid ‘grammer you might be familiar with a little thing called Create & Cultivate aka the conference you actually wish you were at. In case you’ve missed it, Create & Cultivate, is an online platform & conference series for female entrepreneurs in the digital space. The brains behind it? You guessed it, also Jaclyn Johnson. If you’re not yet convinced that this lady has a thing or two she might be able to teach you about building a brand and a business watch below. She’s sharing some of her best advice that she’s picked up along her own entrepreneurial journey and there are definitely some tips you don’t want to miss!

Habits for success as an entrepreneur

On being more productive

Hiring a team around you

Finding your confidence and overcoming doubt

Landing your first client

jaclyn johnson

Head on over to Toast Meets Jam on YouTube to find this video and many more. It’s my hub for all of my interviews with women entrepreneurs along with pieces of advice that I’ve picked up from meeting with so many of them. It’s also where I share insight into my own personal journey – what’s going well, what’s going not so well, and where I look for you to share your advice back with me. I hope you’ll pop on over, check it out, and even subscribe while you’re at it ; )

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