So You Think You Deserve a Raise?

Questions to Ask Yourself in Preparation of Asking for a Raise

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In the changing landscape of the professional world, many companies do not have systems in place for regular performance reviews, opportunities for a raise, and discussions for growth within the company. If you are in this situation, you may need to take the initiative and ask for the meeting yourself. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and to prepare to let your worth shine through.

The Basics

How long have you been there? What’s the appropriate amount of time before you should have this conversation? A good rule of thumb is that you should start reflecting on your experiences after about nine months, but performance evaluations generally do not happen until the year mark.


Do you deserve one?

Chances are the answer is “yes,” but be honest with yourself. Are you giving the job your all? Are you willing to do what it takes and more? Have you gone above and beyond the job description? Are you constantly surprising your teammates with what you bring to the table? Are you considering your salary from the perspective of an entitled millennial who thinks she deserves six figures in her first year of employment? Remind yourself not to compare yourself to anyone else; your friend works in a different industry in a different position.


What are you asking?

Do thorough research. What are individuals in comparable positions making (in your industry, in the city you live in)? Have a figure in mind so you aren’t caught off guard, but don’t be the first to bring this up. In companies where this system isn’t in place, your worth is more important than your demands.


How can you grow?

How do you see yourself contributing in new or different ways to the company? You’ve proven yourself in your position. What else can you do to continue growing and continue being an asset to your team? If you are unable to do this in your position, consider asking your supervisor what else you can do to continue growing. Getting a raise means the company wants to continue investing in you and your future with them. Prove to them what you are worth.


Go get ’em!

Once you have asked yourself these questions, you should have a clear idea of what you’re asking for and have enough ammunition about your personal contributions to the company. You can put your best foot forward in a meeting with your supervisor and ready to respond with solid evidence for your ask. Be confident in your accomplishments and your potential, and remind your boss why they hired you and why you will be a worthy investment for years to come.


Have you asked for a raise? What tips do you have?


Catherine Abalos is founder and editor of The Single Diaries.

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