January Instagram Challenge

January Instagram Challenge

January Instagram Challenge

Learn how you can join me in the January Instagram Challenge and start putting YOU back in your brand

What’s up with this challenge?

This year one of the core themes I want to focus on is putting YOU back in your brand. That includes me too! As I was reflecting on this past year, I had one of those “aha” moments. The people and the brands that I OBSESS over, are the ones I feel like I know the best. This isn’t new news. In fact, I’ve written about it before. We like to do business with people we know, like, and trust.

So, what’s different?

What I’ve begun to notice is that the line between who you are and what you sell is becoming increasingly blurry. We’re seeing business owners stepping into their brands more and more.

Want an example?

Take a look at my interview with Jen Gotch. Jen is the founder of Ban.do. She sold the company a few years back but remains at the helm as Creative Director. It’s a good thing too. Jen has become synonymous with the Ban.do brand and it’s mantra, “we’re serious about fun”. On Instagram she share’s her triumphs, tribulations, and struggles with depression with her 176,000 fans. And we love her, and Ban.do for it.

What does this mean for you?

More of me!

I’m challenging myself to put more ME in my brand. This means sharing more of what’s going on behind the scenes of Toast Meets Jam. It also means sharing things that are more personal and may not be all about brand building. For instance, starting this year I was struggling to decide with this brand. I hit the big 3-0 and wanted to make sure this decade was dedicated to doing the things I love. I’ve always had a passion for health & wellness, fitness, nutrition, and healthy eating. I want those things to be more active in my life so I’ve signed up for cooking classes and nutrition courses. I’m not sure where it will lead but for now I’m excited to have taken those first steps.


Bigger focus on personal brand building

2017 was all about learning to build your brand. Most often, I was speaking about a product of some sort. This year, I’ll be sharing more tips and advice on how to build the brand of YOU. We’ll also talk about how building your brand can help you grow your business.


Accepting the challenge

This year I also want to challenge you to put more of yourself into your brand. The January Instagram Challenge is the first step.

January Instagram Challenge Rules

January Instagram Challenge


Remember, this challenge is all about putting YOU back in your brand. Your audience will love getting to know you better and you might just learn something about yourself too.


Gather the images you will post – your own or favorite stock photos from sites like Unsplash, Creative Market, and Etsy. Here’s a collection I’ve curated to give you a head start.


Edit your photos with your favorite app like ColorStory, VSCO, or Snapseed. Then, upload to your favorite feed planner like Later or Planoly and create your 31 day grid.


Use the prompts to write captions for each post. Don’t worry if they don’t match the photos – they don’t always have to!

Step 5: POST!

Post 1 photo with its caption each day. Include #thatsmyjam to share your photos with other challenge takers & tag a friend to join you!


I’ll be picking out a someone who has committed to the challenge to win a pair of #workfromhome shoes from my new Live Freely line!


Ready to ‘gram?

Download the prompts

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