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Step 7: Brand Partnerships & Press

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Hey guys, it’s Jen here! Right now, we’re in week 7 our my 8 week brand building extravaganza with Fiverr! Each week we’ve been taking you all along with me as I build a new brand of my own, and we’re almost ready to go live!! Since being a business of one or even a small team can be kind of tough, I’ve been working with Fiverr virtual assistants to get some extra help. So throughout these videos I’ll not only be talking to you about what I’m doing but also what services I’ve hired. Alright so we’re in the 7th week of this series and we’re deep into our brand building blueprint. This week we are diving into brand partnerships!

At this point, we’ve identified our core customers, created a brand designed to delight them, and content you know they’re going to love. The next step is to find and attract those people to our brand through brand partnerships.

There are three main ways we’re going to do this: partnerships, press, and paid ads.


Brand Partnerships and Gaining Attention

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Let’s take it from the top. Brand partnerships are anytime you join forces with another brand to support and promote one another and they’re the not so secret trick of the trade for building a buzz worthy brand. In fact, they’re one of the most powerful ways to increase your brand awareness. Consider this, when it’s just you promoting your brand you’re only able to reach your community- that is your social media followers, email subscribers, and customers. When you partner with another brand, voila, you instantly double your reach – even more so if the brand is bigger than you.

Buddying up with another brand can also positively impact how people perceive your brand. That brand has already done the work to build trust with their community. Those positive feel good vibes rub off on you by association.

In some instances, brand partnerships can even lead to your brand gaining attention from bloggers, influencers, and journalist. An unexpected brand partnership, one with a bigger brand, or the creation of something new and interesting can all create opportune conditions to capture media attention. If you’d like more ideas on how to partner with other brands, check out the free download.


How to Use Press for Your Brand

brand partnerships pressWhich is the perfect segue into the second tool we’re going to use to grow our brand awareness – press. The trick to nailing pr is having good stories to share. As we just mentioned, partnerships can make a good story but so can things like the launch of your brand.

Now, even though I get how PR works, I don’t consider myself a PR pro. I’m not writing press releases daily or constantly interacting with reports. It’s for that reason that I again turned to Fiverr. I wanted support writing a press release that would capture journalist attention and I wanted to make sure it found its way into their hands. On Fiverr you can find PR professionals who know how to write attention grabbing stories and have access to the databases get it in front of the right people


Advertising Your Brand

The last tool I want to talk about is paid advertising.  As you probably know it’s really hard to get a lot of views to your content purely organically these days. So putting a little money behind your efforts will help me get your new brand in front of more people faster. Again, it depends on who your customers are but you may find it worthwhile to invest in things like Facebook and Instagram advertising. The great thing about these platforms is that you can get really specific about who you want to see your ads. And the more targeted, the higher likelihood of turning these newsfeed scrollers into customers.

The other place you might find it worthwhile to try out paid ads is on Google. Things like paid search terms and Google product ads can help your brand turn up in relevant customer searchers. The more often you show up, the more people are able to discover your brand.

When it comes to brand building, I love to dig into the content, brand partnerships, and even press to some extent. But when it comes to paid advertising, it’s not where I like to spend a lot of my time. I would much rather seek the help of experts in these areas. So, in order to get this work done for my new brand, I chose to consult with a Fiverr Facebook strategist. He helped me setup my Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. I also consulted with a Google ads specialist who helped me identify keywords and set up my campaigns. Honestly, having their help was a huge relief! And, it freed me up to think about my next step – launch!

At this point, on the branding side, I basically have everything ready to go for launch. But there is still a lot to be done to make sure that I can support and scale the brand when I go live. So before I open my shop doors to the public I want to make sure I have the right support to give my customers the best possible experience.


Services Used + Cost

I Will Write Press Release With Press Release Distribution

brand partnership fiverr press release

– Basic, $20
– Medium, $45
– Premium, $60 (My choice)

I Will Do SEO Keyword Research And Competitor Analysis

brand partnership fiverr keyword analysis

– Basic, $5
– Medium, $10 (My choice)
– Premium, $15

I Will Setup, Optimize And Manage Your Google Adwords PPC Campaigns

– Basic, $50
– Medium, $80
– Premium, $180 (My choice)

I Will Be Your Facebook Advertising Specialist

– Basic, $5
– Medium, $50 (My choice)
– Premium, $85

I Will SEO Shopify Store To Increase The Sales in 24 Hours

– Basic, $5
– Medium, $35 (My choice)
– Premium, $60

I Will Drive Unlimited Website Traffic, Targeted, Geo Located

– Basic, $5
– Medium, $95 (My choice)
– Premium, $235


Total: $430

Total for Week 1 – Week 7: $3,090


You guys we’re so close!  Here’s an awesome freebie for you so you can land your own HUGE brand partnership. There’s only one more video to go so don’t forget to subscribe so you can see the brand launch!




PS: Want to learn more about promoting your band through brand partnerships? This post is for you.

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