The BEST Way to Get to Know Your Brand Customers

Step 1: Getting to Know Your Brand Customers

This week we’re talking about how to get to know your brand customers as well as your BFF.

Jen again, and this week, I start my new series and Fiverr partnership, How to Build Your Brand. If you’ve been in the Toast Meets Jam fam for awhile, then you know that this is the place to learn all about how to build your brand.


There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and that is to take you through that process step by step – everything from picking out a brand name, to building a community of customers and fans, and all the parts in between.


So how’s this going to work?


Each week for the next 8 weeks I’m going to take you along with me as I build a new brand from scratch! If you’re not already subscribed, make sure you hit that button so you don’t miss any of the steps in the series!


Now since being a solopreneur can be kind of tough, I’m going to use Fiverr as much as possible to get some extra help. In these videos I’ll not only be talking to you about what I’m doing, but also what services I’ve hired out. Over on the Toast Meets Jam blog I’ll be sharing all the links to those services as well as how much money I spend along the way – so by the end you’re going to have this phenomenal blueprint you can follow to build your own brand.  Pretty awesome, right? You Ready?


Ok, so let’s talk about what brand I’m actually going to build.

brand customers


These puppies are literally the softest, comfiest slippers on earth. And they have to be at least top 5 for the cutest  – I mean soo cute.


My Who

Whenever I approach a new brand building project, the place I always start is with my who. And by that, I mean who are my customers and what do I know about them. I like to say that you should get to know your customers as well as your BFF. And here’s why:

  • When you really know your brand customers you’ll know exactly what they need from you. This information is POWER. If you’re creating the right offerings you’ll get more sales.
  • You’ll know how to sell to your brand customers in a way that isn’t salesy.  When you can talk to your customers about how you’re going to help solve their biggest struggles or achieve their biggest dreams, magic happens.
  • And, you will know when and where your brand customers want you to jump in. It’s the difference between your brand being an annoyance and a godsend.

On top of all of that, when you get this right, your customers will love you for it. So much in fact that they’ll want to tell the world about your brand. Because you’ve been so darn amazing for them they’ll want to let others into the secret. This is literally MONEY because you know what?

92% percent of consumers around the world say they trust word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.


Fiverr Partnership

Okay, by now I hope we can agree that getting to know our customers is a fundamental first step.  The next question is what to do about it.

Well for me, this was the perfect opportunity to turn to Fiverr for help. You can actually hire marketing pros who can put together market research studies and surveys to help you figure out who your ideal customer is. This research can help you determine the demographics of your customers like age, gender, and location. But even better, it can also help you understand what they like and don’t like. What other brands they currently shop, and where they like to spend their time online.

Through my market research we discovered that the most likely buyer of my product was women between 25 – 35 in the US, primarily along the coasts. We also learned that she’s very interested in the arts, fashion, current events, and entrepreneurship. In fact, one interesting stat that came out of our research is that many of them don’t work traditional 9-5 jobs but are actually consider themselves to be creatives, entrepreneurs, and freelancers.

Like I said, having this data is golden but sometimes it can hard to really make sense of. For that reason, after I gather my market research, I like to use all of the insights to create customer personas. For me, this is the best way to get to know your customer because it really starts to bring them to life.


So you can see here, I have my customer persona.

brand customers

It describes her demographics but also her personality. And this is really great because as I’m thinking about what my brand customers want  I can think about them in terms of this girl rather than a generic person. Click below to get a free download of this template.

Get my Freebie



Services Used + Cost Breakdown

Service – I Will Conduct Online Survey With Up To 500 Real US Consumers

brand customers


– Basic, $5
– Medium, $20  (My choice)
– Premium, $120


Service – I Will Write A Clothing Business Plan

brand customers

– Basic, $5
– Medium, $20
– Premium, $45  (My choice)

Total for Week 1 = $65.00


Well that’s it for me this week. Next week we’ll start getting into figuring out what your brand stands for.  I’ve already got a lot to do, so I’m going to duck out and get to work. Come back next week to see what I’ve found out!


PS: Want more tips on how to better get to know your brand customers? This post is for you.

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