Raise Your Glasses

A Brunch for Women with Vision

It’s nearly been one year since Toast Meets Jam was launched. The past few months have been filled with learning and experimenting. What started as a simple interview series featuring female founders has grown to include so much more. Perhaps one of the additions that most excites me is the launch of Toast Meets Jam brunches.

The idea for a brunch series had existed from the beginning. I wanted a way to bring together all of the badass women I was meeting through my interviews.  Thanks to a chance meeting with Megan Ranegar of The Dinner Party Association the idea took flight last June. Together we hosted TOAST: A Brunch for Gals we Raise our Glasses to a backyard soiree that invited female founders and influencers commune over a toast-themed menu.

This past Sunday I had the chance to host a second brunch. Amanda Tice, the female founder behind Hatch Studios, was my fabulous co-host for this second seating. To give our event it’s own unique spin, we played off the theme Raise Your Glasses | A Brunch for Women with Vision.

women's brunch

We hosted the brunch at Hatch Studios the beautiful, boutique co-working space where Toast Meets Jam is filmed.


Joining Amanda and I were nearly twenty incredibly talented women who spanned the likes of entrepreneurs, bloggers, creatives, and influencers.


Instacart kindly sponsored a bagel bar with all of the fixins to serve as the center of our menu. To round out our spread, each girl brought her favorite brunch dish to share with the group.


Of course, no brunch would be complete without a mimosa (or two!). Zico stepped in providing their amazing fresh juices to help us keep our glasses more than half-full at all times.


We wanted to give everyone something they could take home to remember the day and the goals they’ve set out for 2016. So, keeping in line with our theme, we invited all the women to craft together vision boards after our meal.


All in all, I have to say it was yet another successful day filled with great food, new friends, and incredible connections. Now that is something to raise your glasses to!

To see more from our brunch follow @ToastMeetsJam on Instagram and search for #HatchYourVision.

Want to join us for the next Toast Meets Jam brunch? Drop me a line at jen@toastmeetjam.com

A toast to you and your visions too!




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