TOAST: A Brunch for Gals we Raise our Glasses to

When I launched Toast Meets Jam I knew that I wanted this to be a place not only to showcase awesome female entrepreneurs but also a place to bring them together. I had the idea to create a brunch series and invite all of the young women who had been, or would soon be, featured on a Toast Meets Jam interview.  We could gather and nosh on some tasty bits and sips while making new friends and building a community with like-minded women.

As luck (or the power of attraction- your call) would have it, just as I was trying to figure out how to pull this off, I was introduced to Megan Ranegar of The Dinner Party Association. Megan’s forte is hosting amazing pop-up parties and backyard soirees. Much to my overwhelmingly appreciation, she offered to team up to help bring my idea to life.


For our series, we chose the theme TOAST: A Brunch for Gals we Raise our Glasses to. Our invite list included top notch lady bosses that crossed both our networks and our menu plans stuck close to theme.


We hosted the brunch at the Toast Meets Jam HQ – aka my house in Venice and were joined by nearly twenty incredibly talented women.

toast brunch girls

Before we dove in for our meal, the group went around and introduced themselves. From running a PR and branding agency, to producing a top ranking podcast, to owning a healthy cookie company, and beyond, these girls’ have more than earned their #girlboss stripes.


One of these women was Tatiana, the owner and ice sculptor behind Troubled Ice. She was the creative genius behind this jaw-dropping center piece for our Toast Mimosa Bar. To top it off One Hope Wine stepped in and as our amazing sparkling wine sponsor and served up their yummy Sparkling Brut.


Of course this brunch wouldn’t have been complete without a Toast bar. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve likely heard me rave about Gjusta, the bakery/cafe concept from the Gjelina family. This generous bunch offered us their to-die-for breads and spreads to create this fabulous looking tray of deliciousness.


We wanted to send every girl off with one last toast, so we created a special take home treat, a jam jar of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Hallmark also hooked us up with adorable cards from their new Signature collection.


I’d dreamed up an amazing day filled with great food, new friends, and incredible connections. Thanks to Megan, our sponsors, and these women we made it possible.  Now, I will certainly #ToastToThat!

Want to join us for the next TOAST Brunch? Drop me a line at


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I’ll be sharing a few of our favorite recipes from our TOAST menu… mmm mmm : )

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