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An interview with Chantel Waterbury| Founder of Chloe + Isabel

Why She's the Toast of the Town


On my last trip to New York I had the pleasure to meet and interview Chantel Waterbury the founder of Chloe + Isabel. She defines her business as a jewelry and lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering the next generation of women entrepreneurs. It’s hard not to believe when you read that their mission “is to help tackle the financial needs of the modern woman – to provide the training and tools to accomplish her goals, whatever they may be”. By the time you hear Chantel’s story you’r emore than convinced that what she’s building is so much more than a line of accessories.

On the Chloe + Isabel website Chantel shares that,

“I conceived of Chloe + Isabel as a place where smart, creative and confident women could play a significant role in creating an innovative new business model where they were at the center. Chloe + Isabel is both a brand and opportunity that combines elements of direct sales, retail and eCommerce with the sole purpose of providing a more meaningful experience to the modern woman. My mission was, and remains to this day, to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail.

Chloe + Isabel is the opportunity I wish I had when I was a young, ambitious woman with the goal of one day being my own boss. Today, I see in our Merchandisers that same drive I had when I first stepped out on my own, moving away from home at the age of 13 to pursue my education. I began working and saving up for school, and ultimately turned to a direct selling opportunity which paid my way through college. While it allowed me to make the money I needed, and gave me confidence in running my own business, I would have loved to have built my resume with an even wider set of skills, as well as been connected to a community of like-minded women.” –

To learn the rest of her startup story you’ll just gave to go ahead and watch our interview!

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